VEX Camp | IQ Session 4: Coding the Clawbot -

VEX Camp | IQ Session 4: Coding the Clawbot

VEX Robotics
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VEX Robotics:

Now that you’re an expert driver, it’s time to learn to code your Clawbot! In this Session we dive into coding using VEXcode IQ, so that you can code your Clawbot to play robot basketball games. You’ll create projects to move your Clawbot for Basketball Drills, then build on what you learned to play a game of Robot Basketball!

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00:00 – Intro
01:11 – What materials do you need?
02:55 – Connecting the robot to VEXcode IQ
06:05 – Opening a Template
07:54 – Build and run your first project
10:50 – Introduce the Basketball Drills Challenge
15:44 – Adding comments to a project
17:32 – Completing the Basketball Drills Challenge
20:38 – Adding blocks to turn the Clawbot
25:45 – Completing the Basketball Drills Challenge again
27:04 – Introduce the Robot Basketball Challenge
28:47 – Coding the claw of the Clawbot
33:32 – Coding the arm of the Clawbot
38:11 – Coding the Clawbot to score a basket
41:53 – Setting up the Robot Basketball Challenge
52:15 – Saving VEXcode IQ projects
54:01 – Robot Basketball Challenge!

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