Vex, but I show you how to win in Low Elo -

Vex, but I show you how to win in Low Elo

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How to lane as Vex in Low Elo

Vex Written Guide


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  1. I'm still a snake, but now I'm a low-elo carrying snake

  2. "It's so nice having a Yuumi…. you can hop off, you can hop off… It's ok, I have a cat now, it's fine" LMAO

  3. How to win in low elo:
    Meanwhile: my top 0 6, my bot 10 deaths 7th minute game.
    Thx for the tip!

  4. Great plays! Love the ult baits, but damn, that part at 12:48 when you get a free 300 gold bounty by doing one auto-attack. What was that Aatrox thinking and why aren't these the kind of people I'm against?

  5. ZIanni really went full dad-mode there: "Get this fucking cat off me… nevermind, it's my son and I love it"

  6. ngl i hate those highlights in the beginning of the video especially since im forced to watch it again

  7. I don’t even play mid but I still enjoyed this very informative

  8. omg who's that cute yuumi cat, can i get her number >////<

  9. Cool video my guy :3 1st time watching and I already subscribed. Keep it up and cya on your stream one day !

  10. Very informative video, great job! You gonna blow up soon 😀

  11. You earned my sub and like, you got recommended to me out of the blue you’re actually really good 😅😅

  12. I'm hardstuck silver 4, thanks for the gameplay, very interesting

  13. so, what's the combo for burst damage immediatly after R? Is it W+E+Q or E+W+Q?

  14. Gold and plat players wont look at screens? Come on man, just because u landed on some potatoes, doesnt mean that the whole elo is like that, and its not.

  15. I love the info and reference of watching the laning phase. I just started mid and decided on Vex, these videos of watching the lane let me know in laning "correctly" on her. Wishing for a better skin than dawnbringer, but her original skin imo is better….

  16. giant teddy bears is annoying blocks the entire screen

  17. hey bro any tips for getting used to unlocked camera? I've played like a thousand games with locked and cant get used to it

  18. First video and Im already a fan. It's like watching Futives play call of duty haha love it!

  19. in the next video, you could do it with vel'koz, and 4 mentally deficient teammates 🙂

  20. Played 2 games as Vex. First one I got DESTROYED and ended 0-9 because I was just throwing Q's around like an ass.
    Second game 18-0 with a triple kill on just the Q. Yes, I do think I like this champ, after actually watching this video. 😂

  21. I tried playing vex against yone and got shit on i think i suck at vex and idk how to improve

  22. good video i need know how to carry as maining 2 champ in same time like vex and ori then malz

  23. quick Question: at 2:27 why does the lane push into you? doesnt that one melee have less hp, therefore the wave will push to him?

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