Vex be like... -

Vex be like…

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vex also woudn’t mind to be on squid game tbh
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  1. Such an interesting character, riddled with personality that is definetely not the worse most stereotypical 2010s emo combined into one to make a shameless cash grab on a targeted demographic.

  2. Viego doesn't need a wife at all. He has such a great yordle buddy.

  3. In Worlds 2021, according to Riot Games tournaments rulebook matter 34.b. due to a bug Viego's passive's interaction with Vex's ult, Viego temporarily banned from all semifinal games. If you don't believe me, you are free to search "Viego Vex rule34"

  4. i hear earthbound and persona ost in my domains?

  5. It's funny how similar those two songs sound like next to each other

  6. Vex: Viego is so awesome!
    Viego simps for Isolde
    Vex: fucking cringe

  7. Imagine what would happen if viego falls in love with vex, what would happen in their future? Maybe they become more evil or good people, who knows

  8. As a Vex main, I play this champion because we both:
    1. Have depression and get annoyed by happy people
    2. Act really cringe sometimes (maybe all the time)
    3. Are furries

    4. Are down bad for Viego

  9. I thought it would be like
    he's just a simp…
    He will destroy all runeterra anyway

  10. She is basicaly every teenage girl after 1 Billie Eilish song….

  11. I don't think that Vex would say happines and rainbow so yes this a fiction

  12. THAT WAS. . .not as cool as I thought it would be :/

  13. Random User That Uploads Random Shit says:

    Vex when she sees Viego: daddy? Sorry daddy? Sorry daddy? Sorry

  14. man with lost wife, wanted to destroy everything?

    def cooler than morde

  15. Viego:so what’s your power?
    Vex:I’m depressed but I have some cool dark power and a shadow follows me around
    Veigo:your in

  16. Vex is just tsundere emo

  17. Bruh in the story vex just left the ruinnation cuz she saw viego not trying to ruin the world but be a simp for his dead wife

  18. "viego es un papucho" spanish
    "Viego is a hot daddy"

  19. I wonder what would happen if Vex met Aatrox. He is defintly not a simp and hates fucking everything.

  20. Where is this coming from? From the new ruined game?

  21. Vex is amumu but amumu is actually sad and vex thinks she’s sad and depressed but isnt

  22. Viego simps for Isolde
    Vex secretly simps for Viego
    Riot simps for our money

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