Vex ability reveal reaction | 50/200 years -

Vex ability reveal reaction | 50/200 years

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  1. If she counters Gayforce, I'm happy. That's all I ask for; fuck Gayforce.

  2. I'm happy that she's coming, getting sick of all these triple dash users. She won't affect me much as I play morde and sion.

  3. I like your cassio opinion. Never really thought about it. I hate this champion from deep down my heart, same for Anivia. I dodge 100% of the games I have to play against these champs. It's just that you cannot touch them if they actually know how to play and you don't have 700 range abilities you basicly already doomed.

  4. I can't grasp how exactly her kit will play like just from the spell descriptions. I need to see actual gameplay for this one.

  5. Well, honestly I think low mobility champions have a better time against her than high mobility, especially when you have a self cleanse or built-in Tenacity. She fears you once and then she has no way to hard-cc you for the next 12 seconds because you don't have mobility to reduce her Doom cd. An Irelia for example who dashes 5 times in 4 seconds reduces her cd with every dash if she proccs the mark every time, making Vex able to fear her significantly more often. A Garen gets feared, yes, but then has 12 seconds to literally run her down as much as he wants

  6. why didnt they give her a pentakill skin? shes literrally an emo teenager! but noooo they NEEDED to make pentakill viego and make him look like an even gayer lenny kravitz

  7. Its funny how you need dashes to actually dodge her abilities

  8. she basically has a fiddlesticks ult on every ability. cool

  9. Why i kinda feel Vex might also cut up a slot in supp role?

  10. At least her abilities are actually just one ability each and dont have 3 passives explained over 7 paragraphs. All her abilities go back to her (one) passive as well, which is nice.

  11. Riot: "let's create a problem in the game and then we'll solve it by adding an "anti-"problem thing, which will imbalance the game again."
    healing, mobility, burst, etc.
    This marks another time when Riot has no fucking idea how to design a game.

  12. her empowered W is a better lissandra W, fear>root,plus she gets a shield; really curious on her cooldowns

  13. Syndra will hardcounter this vex. Think about it. Vel'koz too and Xerath. Any long-range mage with high damage.

  14. It feels kinda strange after Aphelios and Akshan's W that champions can have their hole set written on one A6 card.

  15. Riot likes forcing new champions into meta so expect this thing ruining the game.

    And yeah that splash art looks ugly and messy.

  16. I love to see this ultimate, this idea was for kayn before his release but they scrapped it, its really nice seeing scrapped ults in other's kit (another example of this is mordekaiser's ult in fiora's rework)

  17. Кожурка от помидора says:

    When I watched her abilities, my thoughts were like "wow, Riot made some creative stuff at last, which even seems balanced and cool"…

    And then they showed her ult.

    Also she made me remember old Voli, who could also interrupt dashes…
    The irony: his old skill kit was somewhat more actual for current gameplay, than new skill kit.

  18. The Dawnbringer skin was given to her just because, for some reason, they wanted to give all champions of this Dawnbringer/Nightbringer wave a skin that naturally doesn't fit their standard archetype. Vex, an evil Yordle? Dawnbringer. Lillia, one of the most innocent and benevolent champions in the game? Nightbringer.

  19. Hashinshin, complains when a champ's kit is too complicated.

    Hashinshin, also complains when a champ's kit has a simple vel'koz nuke.

  20. depends on how low her cd are, conq is looking good. sylas style

  21. Im curious what is his passive range and does it proc when vex doesnt see you blinking or dashing. Is it like you go for him from the fog of war and he instantly fears you, becasue you dashed in bushes?

  22. That moment when Poppy players get a taste of their own medicine. XD

  23. Like any mage riot makes these days, she will be abused in support position at some point 🙁

  24. I dislike almost everything about the last 5 champions they've come out with. I'm not sure what riot is smoking but they should stop

    Imagine trying to play kalista…

  25. Dooms must be on like a 20 min cooldown otherwise riven would have a counter pick that says you cant play.

  26. So riot is taking the overwatch path to balance the game? Create a shitty meta, do no changes and then release a character thats specifically designed to counter the Meta? Damn

  27. Keep up the great work hash! Really enjoying the content lately

  28. Riot reworked Akali removing her dash ultimate resets on kill, moving some mobility to her regular abilities, and reworking Diana removing her "Lee Sin-Q"-esque ultimate, moving it to her regular ability, because they were super unhealthy for the game to have a champion balanced around having a dash/assassination tool only on their ultimate.
    lol jk Here's Vex, buy skins.

  29. that was a good video.
    tbh some vidz feel like youre beeing lazy doing minimal effort but this one feeled like you put effort into it. 🙂

  30. Is there a way to see hashinshin's stream vod? There's a specific game on opgg that I'd like to watch.

  31. I feel like she’s going to be seen in the Bot lane more often than mid

  32. Darius mains wont be pressing R anytime soon.. permaban this b**

  33. nah shes gonna be far less annoying than Akashan
    Akshan is really hard to trade against for mages in lane, and so hard to keep him in lane, and his roam and skirmishers are very frustrating due to his R and revive.

  34. Could you imagine if Poppy's W cooldown got lowered by half every time she stopped someone with it? That would be annoying.

  35. In before she's built tank and picked top as a Riven, Irelia, Camille, ans Fiora counter.
    Poppy and Karma finally had a baby

  36. 1:06 Hashinshin you need to keep up with the times my dude, Akshan's passive have 3 parts.

  37. "I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer"
    Vex: Then stay away.

  38. the fact that they had to make a anti mobility champion shows how much mobility has dominated the design team the past years

  39. The E is in there to make her gloom work on any champions with or without dashes. E marks enemies so she can proc it with skills. For example you're mid with lux, obviously lux don't have dash instead of flash (which is important so we'll rarely see them waste it), using E will mark them and ALL enemy units in the detonation area (it includes minions and creeps). So contrary from your analysis, I think the E is one of her most important skill.

  40. Champions balanced around extreme mobility being completely countered by Vex W is going to be a major complaint.

  41. It makes me happy that they are capable of making champions that aren't "Uga booga 200 years permanent stealth max health% dmg that's also a dash" she doesn't seem that bad IMO

  42. My thoughts, Aka "I thought we were all doing the Riot hate thing still, so I pretended to hate the champion." lol. I 100 agree that people will "dislike" fighting Vex, the more time that passes.

  43. first half im gunna tell you about this garbage and second half im gunna tell you about how garbage it is

  44. I've been testing Vex on the PBE and she feels very strong early but very weak lategame. She really doesn't scale well. It's around 50% to 60% AP Scaling. She feels more like a mix of Orianna and Lissandra on her playstyle

    It's weird, her scales being so low make her more of a battle mage than a long range burst mage, which really doesn't fit her playstyle.

    She goes best with Rocketbelt that set her up for her W + Passive combo

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