VEX ABILITIES REVEALED + ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!! Her Ultimate is another Reset and it's broken.. -

VEX ABILITIES REVEALED + ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!! Her Ultimate is another Reset and it’s broken..

Pants are Dragon
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  1. this fear will work with nocturne 90%speed vs foes in fear?

  2. 9:10 I believe Vex was not fighting back due to fear of lee sin showing up, she was saving her doom passive to prevent a gank

  3. Fear after dashes …. That is tha worst nightmare for irellia😂

  4. i love this champ we really need ways to punish those over mobility utilized broken champs.

  5. Veigo <=> Akshan <=> Vex .What's going on this year.

  6. This is literally a counter to 90% of the champs in game they added with dashes and item movement lmao

  7. She can be played on three roles
    1 support
    3 jungle
    i think

  8. Is she untargetable when she ults to someone? Like could you for example ult Lux and dash to her through her ult without getting hit?

  9. Vex is like Annie, but instead of a stack passive it's a cooldown passive. Interesting

  10. Now vex is coming out instead of dodging skillshots i'm gonna be learning to dodge games!

  11. anyone knows where can i find the picture they used on her champion pic? next to her skills? i like the drawing

  12. Im riven/irelia main so vex is a perma ban for me

  13. I like the idea of anti-dashing, they can bring more of those.

  14. Honestly doesn’t look too broken the way it played there’s a lot of outplay and aoe fear but she’s squishy so kinda looks balanced for once. Knowing rito she’ll be broken after 10 days of release but not a bad champ looks fun.

  15. Pants: ah, naruhodo

    He did not in fact naruhodo.

  16. This is so dumb, it's a remake of kindred, shadow being the wolf

  17. There is no way this will ever be balanced unless doom has 1 min cd

  18. P – fiddlesticks, poppy
    Q – ezreal, kayle
    W – morgana, swain, fiddlesticks
    E – xerath, swain
    R – evelynn, snowball

  19. why that stupid music playing in the background…

  20. poor kalista,

    also, if they can put Marshadow into this game we should get other Pokémon

  21. I think double Harvest could be mad nice

  22. For someone who seems to know a lot about the game, this guy doesnt seem to be very observant.

  23. I’m so excited for her mainly bc of her game design but her kit looks super fun too!

  24. Resets are actually extremly cool i want more champs with ult resets lol

  25. I can already see Vex support being a viable pick.

  26. My thoughts on counterpicks: Olaf and Cho'Gath.

    Cho'Gath is tanky enough to survive Vex and has no dashes for her to work with. Olaf has no dashes either and he can Ragnarok through her Fear.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Vex has no %-health damage in her kit, and I don't see true damage either. Finally, someone who doesn't spit in the face of tank builds.

  27. They gotta improve the VFX for E in teamfights, damn near impossible to see

  28. literally said vex is gonna be broken just seeing her kit
    my friends said "nah shes prob gonna be pretty balanced burst mage nothing big"

    sure bro

  29. She seems cool. Defo possible to go mid/jg with her. Me likey.

  30. bro, you need to lower the background music x)

  31. Ok rito. I have a plan. Delete viego akshan and gwen. Then make more fresh and cool champs like her. Maybe new champ who can apply brittle?

  32. 7:27, pants claiming he understands now how it works, still doesn't understand the fear mechanic, even though it literally goes on cd.. 😀 did not read the passive properly, even though he read it 😀

  33. When Viego and Warwick have a child together be like XD

  34. Love the design 😀
    Gives me a plants vs zombies shrooms vibe yk?

  35. hello pants I always watching your vedio I love your content <3

  36. hello pants I always watching your vedio I love your content <3 <3<3

  37. pants pls react to my game with zed region: EUNE summoner name: SAVA1SAVA its so big comeback and i want form you to react to that and be on the video

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