VEX ABILITIES Gameplay Explained - New Champion - League of Legends -

VEX ABILITIES Gameplay Explained – New Champion – League of Legends

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VEX ABILITIES Gameplay Explained – New Champion Guide – League of Legends. LOL New anti dash yordle mage gameplay preview of her abilities, splash art and skin. Vex: The Gloomist | Champion Trailer – League of Legends 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS:

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  1. My additional analysis on her skills.
    In 0:53, Vex uses 2 skills, enhanced E and W combo.
    In 1:20, Vex gets shield because of her W

    Anyways, nice analysis!

  2. Matchmaking is rigged, look at Engagement Optimized Matchmaking and Skill-Based Matchmaking : also hit detection and damage are rigged in-game. Players are totally manipulated, there is no competition in those games, only retention of players.

  3. Really don’t like doing this because the vid was enjoyable. But your clickbait is just too much of a lie to me. It shouted to me that you actually knew her abilities not that you were doing a trailer analysis. In fact, you didn’t mention the trailer at all. Disappointing. Good video, but so try and keep some integrity on the clickbait. I understand needing to use truthful information gap based clickbait, but this was a lie.

  4. For me she gives off a little pit of hollow knight vibes im definetly gonna buy her :>

  5. I love her animations and abilities what a good champ

  6. To be honest, im sick of seeing 10 champs with dashes/that build dash-mythics every game. I hope she just destroys and rebuilds the meta.

    And i already know shes gonna be weak for the first week, then get buffed because riot cant wait for people to learn a champ, then shes gonna be op, then everyone will complain and then she'll get nerfed. like literally every new champ in the last few years

  7. Looks a million times better than that lame Ashtakan! Not to mention he looks more feminine than Samira.

  8. When i face Vex, i‘ll turn the Shadows off. Easy win

  9. This style of champ they are just powerfull or weak champ they cant be balanced for sure

  10. Everyone talking how she is a mid mage… anti dash + options for fear and shield… that thing will be my new favourite mage support.

  11. Dashing when enemy dashes? I don't know man, seems kinda like phoveus to me

  12. Damn guys she seems really strong i want to try to main her in the jungle, i think she would be good with ganks

  13. Do you think she could also be played as a support?

  14. lux did have a mark so it might be something else

  15. Well its a new champ so it always has a dash 😀 ….. invis , cc or all of them 😀

  16. Zed needs a sister or something similar like yassuo and yone. Would name her Dezi.

  17. OK so which Champions abilities did Riot copy from old Champions abilities on Vex this time? Since you know… Riot has ran out of ideas by the 50th Champion.

  18. passive: dashing champions make them *depressed*, Vex's shadow can auto attack depressed enemies for more damage
    Q: shadow go brr
    W: aoe fear/nuke, enemy champions that get feared become depressed
    E instant aoe burst and shield
    R artillery area denial mage turns into dashing assassin

  19. And there are still champions in the game without any ressources like mana, energy, rage, etc. xDD
    Why make new if there is enough trash to work on? …

  20. Why is the q green on zoe then it’s purple on yas and lux

  21. A champ to counter my nidalee… this will be a rough patch

  22. Vex has pretty nice skills. I play her as Damage Support. ♥

    PS: My guess, the skin at the end is Cyber-Pop Vex

  23. Sorry, the mark really wouldn't be working off of dashes, as Lux gets the mark too once hit with the fear. Very likely and simply it comes from any ally damage, as Viego only hits Yasuo and Lux doesn't have the mark until she gets feared. It's very likely a simple mark that enhances, and maybe makes the next auto ranged

  24. Ευαγγελος Αλεξιαδης says:

    We have a new supp?

  25. She probably has ability to fear from her passive. In the trailer we can see her all three abilities in two variants – purple and green. Only green ones can fear and Vex uses them only at the start of fights so she probably has to enhance them somehow like e.g. Pantheon's or Anni's passive. Green versions of abilities are also marking the enemies so it is probably additional way to do that on enemy champions without mobility skills.

  26. i really liked the original anti dash artillery mage, could have been one of the only good artillery mages concidering the current meta

  27. C'n'est pas bien de tricher dans le titre.

  28. Vex vs Yasuo is going to be an horror for yasuo

  29. At least we got a yordle not another hentai protagonist

  30. is the concept of this champion freshly new or its stay in the test server for a while?

  31. So basically her
    Passive is Fiddle's passive
    Q is the only skill that's unique
    W is Lissandra's W
    E is Swains E
    R is Kaisa's E+R

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