Vex 7 13:37.3 any% speedrun -

Vex 7 13:37.3 any% speedrun

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so this goes from level 1 all the way to vexation. I could have shaved off a lot of time, probably about a minute on vexation alone, but I’m satisfied with this. I actually did a lot of math to calculate the actual time because of how many random features and bugs this has. I basically took the in game time (the thing the game said), added the time before the weird bug right before act 1 that broke the timer, subtracted 7 since you can’t reset your progress, then added all the decimals to the total, since the act timers show them, but the hub timer doesn’t for some reason. I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to do this, since there were no rules for this on I guess until there are, this will do.

Also, are glitches allowed? Act 6 looked really scuffed, but that actually does work if you know how to do it.

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