Vex 6 Unblocked Game on eUnblocked Games - -

Vex 6 Unblocked Game on eUnblocked Games –

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VEX 6 unblocked game is the latest addition in the series of this stickman-parkour-platformer! Jump and slide your stickman through 9 new Acts + 9 new Hard Acts. Each Act ends with its final stage to complete: ‘Vexation.’ Make sure to collect the coins on your way to unlocking 64 different skins for your stickman. Escape to the 80s with extensive catalog of online spectrum emulator games.

Do you want to earn extra coins? Then come back to VEX 6 every day to complete the daily tasks and play the daily bonus level. VEX 6 is visually stunning as it’s now running on a higher resolution and 60fps!

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