Vex 5 Vexation 2:01:04min -

Vex 5 Vexation 2:01:04min

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This is a tutorial for how to beat Vex 5 vexation. A few unfortunate deaths except for the one in the water which I did on purpose to get a better cycle for the spikes. I haven’t seen anyone post this so I thought I would. The music is from the game Jump It


  1. UPDATE: I have now gotten 1:34 without death on this Vexation. I didn't screen record but I have a screenshot from when I got it. Happy about that 🙂

  2. Thanks to you I did it in 2.55! First time!

  3. I remember this game from years ago!

    At the time there were only 3. Looks like we have 2 more now

  4. once it came out i didnt find any youtuber who did it

  5. On the way where you pick up the star, have you tried completing the course by simply following that alternative route? I've tried to do so but every time I attempt to jump into the portal in the end it doesn't work/transport me anywhere…

  6. Diamond Bird 94 and Maths Genius ꪜ says:

    Thank u very much for your help I finished 2.00.01

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