Vex 5 Any% BTT in 8:42 -

Vex 5 Any% BTT in 8:42

Many the speedrunner
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  1. Also, why should you be allowed to teleport from one level to another, because this option only accures when you beat the level, making it an aftergame advantage

  2. I wanna become a vex speedrunner but the controls are so wacky at times

  3. I know a skip you can do on act two,hug the wall while going down where the box your supposed to kick is.Youll faze through.

  4. nice. the race is on. unless uve already gotten it i havent read through all the comments yet

  5. i have absolutely no idea how u get so little lag it plagues like every single one of my runs

  6. act 7 wr isnt applicable in run. imma get a new one that is brb but itll def be slower.

  7. remove all of the splits where you enter hard mode so you can enter easy mode faster. you wouldnt have hard mode unlocked until you beat easy mode

  8. Just hard reset my computer to prevent lag. Lol. But I will break all the records soon

  9. Bro did you get the archievement astronomer?

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