Vex 5: A Cool Platformer

Vex 5: A Cool Platformer

Vex 5

Vex 5 is another online installment of a popular franchise. Its developers created new tracks and obstacles to make it more fun. However, newcomers will face difficulties while completing the rounds. All because of the hardcore gameplay and creative hurdles. Scroll down to learn the basics and be better prepared for what awaits you.

Bright Deaths

It’s impossible to avoid dying in this game. There are too many elements that are designed to crush you. It’ll look impressive each time it happens. Body parts flying in all directions. A sharp spike, piercing through your chest. The stickman, turning into a pancake after falling from a height. But some tips can help you navigate better.

How to Play Vex 5

How to Play Vex 5

The most convenient button layout is WASD. But some prefer arrows instead. Run left and right with A-D, leap with W and slide with S. If you tap W twice, you’ll jump higher and make a flip.

The goal is to get to the finish line. But you’ll deal with both static and moving hurdles. It’s vital to avoid touching the red ones: they kill at once. Among other dangers, there are ponds. As you dive in, it becomes hard to control the character. Additionally, you’ll run out of oxygen if you stay there for too long. Check out this walkthrough:

Tips and Tricks

Vex 5 Tips and Tricks

  1. Remember which blocks are dangerous and which can help.
    • Purple ones shatter and fall after you jump on them. However, if you hang on their sides, they remain solid.
    • Yellow blocks are useful if you need to leap up. But be careful where you land.
  2. Use your abilities to stick to walls and hop between them.
  3. Move brown boxes to reach certain areas.
  4. Don’t relax after getting to the checkpoint. On the contrary, get primed for the difficulty to spike.
  5. Use your mouse to look around when you stand still. It’ll help you come up with a strategy or estimate your timing correctly.

Practice for Impressive Results

Vex 5 is one of the best free platformers with nice visuals and interesting gameplay. Improve your skills and dive into short sessions when you have time. And remember to use these tips to perform better. We also recommend playing of the free emulator games online at