Vex 4 Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Level Epic Pro Gameplay -

Vex 4 Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Level Epic Pro Gameplay

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Vex 4 Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Level Epic Pro Gameplay

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  1. I have played this game and language like AKT 1 for vex 7 play so much❤❤❤

  2. Race Playz / Ichi Ghidorah Playz 🇺🇦 says:

    This game is literally going to give me a heart attack from how angry it makes me.From the numerous glitches of DYING JUST BECAUSE YOU SMASHED THROUGH A LAYER OF GLASS, THE GAME NOT EVEN LETTING YOU SMASH THROUGH A SECOND LAYER AND THEN GETTING JUMPED BY THE SAW BECAUSE OF IT, TO ETC

  3. by that vextation i can't see the bar of how much tnt there left is

  4. I remember in 5th grade me and my classmates would always compete to get the farthest, and by the end of the year I actually got the farthest.

  5. i hacked in arcdegameshack toggle god 1
    idown and simpe

  6. Why hard mode is locked even if you completed the corresponding level?

  7. Act 2 wasn’t like that at all in 2019 but I would love to play that act 2

  8. wow how does he know the new place,I found vex on freegame66

  9. Why is it that they ruined the stage creator, the perfected it in Vex 2, messed it all up on 3, and none on 4.

  10. I haven't played vex 4 before but I have played 1,2,and,3 .Vex 4 seems interesting .

  11. Act 1 Sliver Died 2
    Act 2 Bronze Died 2
    Act 3 Bronze Died 4
    Act 4 Sliver Died 3
    Act 5 Sliver Died 16
    Act 6 Sliver Died 11
    Act 7 Gold Died 6
    Act 8 Sliver Died 15
    Act 9 Gold Died 5
    Vexation Bronze Died 35
    Perfect 5
    Gold 4
    Sliver 3
    Bronze 2
    Cleared 1
    Noob > Pro

  12. Ты читириш ты на каком языке на онглиском или Русском

  13. When Vex 5 is coming as released

  14. My school speedruns this game and we go clutch shaving off miliseconds and perfecting our strategies. There are so many shortcuts and strats to learn and do that with one slip up we have to restart. It's very competitive and heated in the moment but we always share how we did the run and share tips so we can learn as a community.

  15. My act 2 record is 0:40, I did it by the bounce pad under the saw thats at the start of act 2. I jump on it and then hang on the side so you dont die and you can skip almost the whole level

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