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  1. why did vex 3 get a huge downgrade from how it used to be when it was released years ago, you know your shit when you re-release your own same game but its worse, or was that a decision made by microwave games?

  2. Мне не понравилось изменение фу дизлайк

  3. ı Ԁȏṅ'ṭ һѧṿє ṡṭѧɢє ɞȗıʟԀєя☹️ ȏṅ ṿє× 3 ṭһє ѧƿƿ

  4. ı ẇѧṅṭ ṡṭѧɢє ɞȗȗȗıııııʟʟʟԀєєєяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя

  5. Stage Builder is out on this year! 😭😭😭

  6. Yepi was the shit back then for flash gaming on pc

  7. Jam Olti Nga kosova, Unë jam nje Kampion i lojrave elektronike. vex at hudgames me pelqen shumë, i kalova gjitha kolona 22 stazat. suksesi maksimal….

  8. Wait what 3 years ago ?
    I think I play that game in 2012 ??!! LOL

  9. а я один русский понасталгираю


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