Vex 3 speedrun in 6:40,98 (NEW WORLD RECORD) -

Vex 3 speedrun in 6:40,98 (NEW WORLD RECORD)

Mapping With Yakko
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I BEAT THE WORLD RECORD LETS GOO!! also yes, this is me, speaking, I was streaming on twitch and then i beat WR so yeah… enjoy the reaction and dumb comentary


  1. controlsright run right or dleft run left or aup jump or wdown ducking, pound of up+down or smouse play/ act selectp pausespace play challenge act

  2. When will the penguin move out of your profile pic

  3. Didn’t expect this. Congratulations! I remember playing the Vex games.

  4. That's what we fuckin like to see
    Kongratz broo!!
    That reaction was amazing
    And the fact u forgot to record it was amazing Loooll

  5. Bro Yakko Your Voice sounds like an Angel I would’ve given ya a Can Of Pepsi and 1/4 of my Spicy Doritos . your channel is meaning of Quality Content .

  6. Congratz bro.
    My pb is exactly 13 minutes( because of fucking ads) but I play on HTML5 version coz I can’t get flash.
    Btw in act one how did you drop between the saw things and didn’t die?
    When I do it I die from fall damage. Is it something you can only do in vex 3 flash?

  7. Amazing. How did you fly through the floor when entering act 4?

  8. Good job but how does the skip work? ive tryed to recreate it and the act 1skip on web and am yet to get either to work, do they only work in the PC version of the game?

  9. WOW this game is still alive i rememrber when i was 7 i used to play this game alot!

  10. at 1:03 you can sometimes fall straight through the gaps without pushing the box

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