Vex 3 - Game Walkthrough (full) -

Vex 3 – Game Walkthrough (full)

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Vex 3 is the third installment of the game Vex, and this time, it is more challenging than ever. The game offers a total of 19 stages for you to explore and survive, there are 10 standard stages and 9 grueling or challenging stages. And just like before, you need to take control of Vex and guide him through the levels, running and jumping across the platforms dodging life threatening obstacles and collecting special items and unlocking a variety of achievements at the same time. It will be 3 times the fun but it will be 3 times the challenge as well. Just like in the first 2 releases, you’ll encounter a lot of hazardous obstacles here, like spikes, sawblades, gaps that extend all the way down and lots more, and if you’re not being careful, your character will die for sure. Luckily, there are a lot of objects in the levels to help you out, there are bounce blocks that will enable you to jump higher, zip lines that will get you across wide gaps, elevators and platforms that you can rise and even poles that you can use to swing off from one location to another. Care for another game of Vex?, Check it out and see if you have enough platforming skills to survive all the levels here in Vex 3.

Graphics and Sound

The visual presentation here are simple by it kinda looks cool, the tiny character called Vex is like a stickman with no visible features at all besides the major limbs like the head, body, torso and legs nothing more, details are also quite low, not just the characters but also the environments in the game. The levels look nice though, they may be simple platform based designs but they sure looked pretty to me. And just like before, they will be made of blocks and platform and of course the different obstacles and hazards in the levels. The colors are kinda pretty, they are quite vivid and crisp, making the game looking quite clean all throughout. Movements and animations are smooth and fluid as ever, starting from Vex all the way to the animated parts of this game. Music sounds cool and still has that upbeat techno tune while sound are nice enough and won’t get you bored. SFX is still very simple just like in the first two releases. Overall, the game hasn’t changed much really when it comes to visuals, it still very much looks the same as the first 2 releases that you have grown to like.


The game is still pretty much the same, not just in visuals but also in gameplay, you can run, jump, slide, wall climb and even swim to get past the obstacles. There is an added feature here though, there is now a ghost recorder that you can activate to record your movements in the levels, and although this is just an option, it’s quite pretty cool to check it out. Controls is still fairly the same, you can use the WASD or the arrow keys, whichever fits your playing style.


Vex 3 has some really simple but kinda cool graphics designs and visuals, it offers 10 standard levels for you to checkout and 9 challenging levels to test your skills. it also has very simple controls for you to enjoy.


Great game and a nice time passer, it is very challenging too, especially the 9 challenging levels, you’ll probably die a lot in these levels, if you think the first 2 releases were great, you’ll enjoy this one even more. Try it.

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  1. Vex 2 and 3 will be the ones that I will actually remember. Vex 4 onwards is just plain to me.

  2. El nivel 3 del hielo no puedo pasármelo

  3. Honestly, with a few polishments, this could actually be a game you could buy on steam. I remember playing this 6 years ago.

  4. Holy shi- this was 6 years ago???? I still remember this coming out as if it were yesterday…

  5. Hello! А ты знал(а) что в 7 акте можно было залесьть на вверх и считерить???

  6. Memories. I had perfect on everything, i stopped when they removed stage builder, i moved do the previous games.


  8. So many great memories. This is by far the best Vex game in my opinion.

  9. I made the player in Draw a Stickman: Epic 2, you should see it in the gallery

  10. controlsarrowkeys or wasd, movedown, start levelspace, start level of challengep, pause6 keys of controlsmouse, play

  11. There's an invisible wall so I cant get the key……help?

  12. pause at the PERFECT frame at 2:51

    you will see the dutch flag

  13. I have a diffrent cannon but what tells me here is that the lasers dont have those stuff on the back

  14. i struggled so much in act 7 because im bad at doing the swimming or the lasers ones

  15. Yo voy en el act 10 y siempre sufro con la sierra entre los bloques verdes

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