Vex 3 Game (1-5 lvl) -

Vex 3 Game (1-5 lvl)

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Welcome back to a whole new series of adrenaline-pumping adventure. Let’s see if you’re still fast here in Vex 3! The goal in this game is to complete each obstacle course to reach the end of the obstacle track. You must try to complete each course s quickly as possible. There are lots of colored blocks inside the challenges. Some blocks can make you jump high, or make you fall below. Avoid the spikes and saw blades or you will lose ratings. You also need to swim to reach new areas. Finish each challenge without deaths to get perfect ratings.

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  1. Sawn your amazing tricks coolness BUT end at 5! And some faila

  2. Set out on a new daring adventure with your flexible and athletic character here in Vex 3! Your mission in this game is to control your character and reach the portal as safely as possible. Get inside the portal to complete the level. There are also moving blocks that can help you or put you in danger. Some blocks can make you bounce high and some blocks are weak and fall below. Use your ability to slide and wall climb to reach new areas and to avoid getting killed by the spinning saw blades and deadly spikes. See if you can finish each level quickly and without deaths for a higher rank!

  3. +Dabus Dlugosz, its called "shadow" from my previous try on this level where i failed, (and cropped that fail from the video, but the shadow appeared on the present try of that level)

  4. i beated all the levels first..eaven the last one " vecotacion "
    ok… im a pro at tis game i tried to beat every level on perfect with all the start cought and on act 2 i CANT GET THE STAR can anyone help me/ tell me tips?

  5. Over the years I have forgotten all about this game.

  6. i cant get through to act 6 help me something wrong in this game

  7. братан ты зачем удалил старые видео?

  8. sniffs the main music was so nostalgic :'( rip flash now we have to stick with that junky HTML5 verison which is extremely broken!

  9. I'm better than you, but I can't collect act 3 and 4's star.

  10. This video has 12m views and only 28 comments

  11. Nostalgia. i'm crying. I Used to perfect vexation and others. After doing, All of this, I became a stage creator, I had good and hard stages and i loved the hard ones, Good Old Days.

  12. lmao vex 5 and 6 suck nowadays, vex 1-3 are the best vex games.

  13. Nostalgia, i feel very weird because there is vex 6

  14. I used to play this before i discovered "Vector". Such good game

  15. Why does this have such little comments | this game is very nostalgic and very fun

  16. Mumbai airport side! Paris to Mumbai

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