Vex 3 Full Game Walkthrough (Update HTML5 ) -

Vex 3 Full Game Walkthrough (Update HTML5 )

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Our little stick figure is back for more platform fun. Vex 3 features 10 standard stages and 9 ‘challenge’ stages. Can you complete them all?
UPDATE: This is the new HTML5 version of Vex 3. If you want to continue playing the old (Flash) version that was here previously, you can find it here.

Use the arrow keys or WADS to move. Jump from side to side to climb up walls. Play new acts by standing on their act block and pressing the down arrow key. Purple blocks are weak so they will fall down if you step on them. Orange blocks are super bouncy and are great if you want to jump high into the air! The game contains many checkpoints, so you can always start from the latest one when you die.

The challenging platformed is back with more dangerous platform to get through. Added ghost recording, stage builder, achievements, and more features.

Run, jump, climb, slide. Do all it takes to survive in this tough world of Vex 3. Much fun!

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