Vex 3 Any% Speedrun in 6:14.30 -

Vex 3 Any% Speedrun in 6:14.30

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Yay, a good run 😀 I complained about loads in the first half, but then they got significantly better from midgame on, so ended up being pretty good in the end. The run can still be beaten by a bit, but yeah, good enough for me. Any% all acts is next.

Watch me live:


  1. Vertic, how did you go from Act 2 to Act 4?

  2. If y’all want to play this it’s also on cool math games

  3. On Act 2, after about 100 tries, I FINALLY beat it in 25 SECONDS! 🤩

  4. Crazy man I can't even complete Act 1 in that time😂

  5. Не смотря на просмотры чел хорош. Продолжай, vex 6 vex 5 vex 4

  6. I found a glitch to get passed the box quicker in act 2

  7. Wait, is this the same person that I commented on how to do the act 4 clips? Pls do a how to speedrun vex 3 vid.

  8. Gg dude u got me into speedruning this game, keep it going man ur insane!

  9. Act 2 has always been damn near impossible to get perfect for me. Impressive how you did it so easily

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