Vex 3 - Act 2 Speedrun in 27.51 -

Vex 3 – Act 2 Speedrun in 27.51

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Vex 3 act 2 in 27.51. I’m sure this isn’t frame perfect but I wanted to show off that it’s possible to go under the last pair of ninja stars. This has the potential to save up to 1 second in rta. 🙂


  1. Try swimming between the shurikens and if you pass through the shurikens, you will not be hit if you do not touch the hitboxes

  2. i found a glich in act 2, if you angle your character just right between the box and the opening, you can slide right through instead of having to move them. (0:17)i suggest grabbing onto the ledge and holding the down button and falling right between the box and wall.

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