Vex 3 98% Speedrun in 17:44 [FWR] -

Vex 3 98% Speedrun in 17:44 [FWR]

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Recently, I discovered some new timesaves that made sub 17 viable for 98%. This run lost sub 17 pace after Act 2 Challenge, but I decided to turn it into a no-reset, and that’s how I got this run. SoB is now at a 16:39, which means that sub 17 is next. :]

Full Session:


  1. How can i make this speed run videos whit this timer for mobile

  2. I also did collect act 2 star on challengeAnd what does A Mean?

  3. BOTORU 01(チャンネル登録200人目指す) says:

    How do I use the game stopwatch?

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