Vex 2 - Perfect Walkthrough -

Vex 2 – Perfect Walkthrough

A Gamer
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AGamer here and I have played the first game, very tough and recommend it to anyone seeking a challenge. Well vex two came out on Kong and I gave it a go. Not as hard as the first but still fairly challenging. This is a walk through for those having trouble.

Play it on Kong:
Rating: 3.7
Game by:amazingadam4 BGamesSite


  1. How did u get all perfects? I got all perfects! 🙂

  2. how do you get act 4 in perfect, i havent been able to, i always drown at the first part dont know how to do it can you tell me please?

  3. kkkkkkkk Perfect é facil, quero ver fazer Perfect e pegar todas as estrelas! seu noob

  4. I was gonna sumbit run but looks like jumpcuts :/

  5. I love it and I even installed my default on my computer: hudgames website

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