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Vex 2 – Game Preview

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If you miss that shadow-like creature dodging deadly saw blades and spikes, well he’s back for more exciting challenges again here at Vex 2! Control this character and try to located for the green door. But just like before, you must try to avoid these red spikes and red saw-blades that can kill you in an instant. As you progress through each level, you will be seeing a lot of yellow stars. Collect them for your achievements. There are also various levers here that can change the gravity and can help you get pass hard situations. Try to finish each level as fast as you can to receive higher rankings.

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  1. Send me link to game to android please

  2. If some one miss this game, then must write "Memories ,😕".

  3. The Vex is back. I played its first part and enjoyed pretty much. This one is also very challenging. All those moving blocks are the main obstacles. And also the saw blades and spikes are there to kill you. Sometimes I get stuck to some stages but timing and patience get me out of those situations. Background music is very rhythmic and graphics is very colorful. Control is also very smooth. Really a good game to enjoy.

  4. I like this game, the graphics look ugly but the music is nice and cool to the ears, the controls are nice too, all you need to do is get your character to the end of the level, the map is full of traps so be careful, there are lots of spikes and saw blades, but no worries, there are also lot of objects in the game to help you out, you can even change the gravity! This game is fun, I recommend you check it out

  5. the game preview makes the game looks easy but that is because the uploader played it repeatedly before uploading it. check out the game and I bet you it's so difficult…I played it a couple of times and I repeatedly trying some levels before I was able to finish it..note:before you play it, have a lot of PATIENCE… 🙂

  6. This game is not as easy as it looks, it's really very challenging but fun to play, avoid the spikes and saw blades at all cost, it will kill your character, the game description says try to finish the level as fast as you can to receive higher rankings…don't be tempted, the best way to play this game is slowly but surely, don't rush into things, it could spell disaster for you.

  7. the game is very challenging indeed, sometimes I tend to overjump and hit the spikes and the saw blades but the blue blocks that fall down are easy though, and one thing I hate the most are those tight places with spikes on them, but the game is extremely fun, check it out.

  8. I really love the controls and the movement is so fluid you can control the little stickman so easily. The background music and the graphics in this game are also so awesome, I literally can't stop playing this game.Oh look a checkpoint! Plim!

  9. Simple graphics and awesome game play, i really had fun with this game, it really helps that the controls are so easy to use, otherwise the game could have been very hard, I like the little guy, he's very agile, climbing walls and jumping huge blocks…this game is fun but quite challenging, i had a hard time with the spikes by the way.

  10. I like this game, but I had a hard time with the obstacles, I hate those parts with spikes and you have to slide under them, and the saw blades but I hate climbing the walls most of all…I keep sliding down and falling back to where I started, the game is really challenging but fun, 'love the music by the way…sounds coll to the ears.

  11. Surprisingly fun game…I thought this is one of those bummers, i was wrong, the vex is pretty awesome and slick, he moves and grooves like he'll never run out of mojo…hehe, I like him, the vex is so cool, I enjoyed this game a lot, the vex can overcome anything that is thrown in front of him…sweet!

  12. You're right about that wet sprocket, the vex is one smooth operator, he can slide into those spikes without getting scratched, he can even climb walls like a spider, pretty slick indeed, I enjoyed controlling the vex…james bond would look like a cadet compared to him…lol, the levels are a nice playground, quite challenging but really fun.

  13. I like this one too, the character is kinda fluid it his moves, the obstacles are very easy to overcome because the character is quite easy to control, I enjoyed climbing the walls, it is very easy, the only difficult ones are the falling bricks, the vex died so many times here…lol, totally fun, check it out guys!

  14. I like the obstacles, a little challenging but just enough for fun, I also like the main character, he is very easy to control, you can make him jump run and slide very easily, but i hate those falling blocks, I think I'm not jumping fast enough when I got to them, I feel off so many times…lol, but I still had a chillin' great time with this one, I'll play this again next time and I'm going to finish it to the end…haha!

  15. This black shadow-like character is back to dare himself on more crazy adventures! Follow him and use its skills to escape dangerous levels here in Vex 2! Your mission is just like before; to control your character and finish each Act or stage as safely as possible, avoiding deaths. You should finish the stages quickly and determine what rank will you receive; either Bronze, Silver, or Gold. New stages will be unlocked once you have cleared the previous one. Don't forget that there are lots of obstacles you need to surpass like spikes and pitfalls. Be sure to reach the flags so you can create checkpoints.

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  16. I agree with Tiffany Abrams, the character is fluid and smooth with its moves and it adds to games' graphics. I like how there are ways to alter gravity in this game and how an orange cube could bounce your character higher. I've never played the first one so this second sequel is an impressive one for me. I like the simplicity of the graphics but with the complex system of obstacles and traps. Love this game.

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