Vex 2 - All stars [Walkthrough] -

Vex 2 – All stars [Walkthrough]

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Game: Vex 2


  1. hehehe i collect all stars,all levesl with perfect (omg)i unlock all achievementsbut no hackheehehehehehehheehhehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehheehehehnyehhehhehnyehhehhehheheheh

  2. there is a glitch that i cant achieve the last silver achievement (it is something respawn me but i dont touch something red)

  3. Pra que ir naquele botao azul toda hora cara! Que ridiculo

  4. pra que você fica apertando o Butão verde e o azul

  5. cześć jestem bardzo w gipsie z vex 2
    co z YouTube i co najważniejsze i najbardziej

  6. 16:11 that eletronic music name is – Blade dance (dj splash)

  7. in act 8 why does the time start at 6 seconds and at 17 seconds it jumps to 1:12?

  8. I like this game soooooo much!! vex 2 is the best on the hudgames!!!!

  9. Yes, one of my favorite series on freegame66! I like version vex 3 best.

  10. Easy game bro I've been looking for this game and I finally found it this game is mad fun

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