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Some more Vex gameplay for your viewing pleasure :3 Come check out the live stream at twitch.tv/kaypea – the schedule is below the stream! We have an amazing multicultural and welcoming community full of super friendly awesome people! ❤️

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Hey everyone! I’m Kelsie aka KayPea (KP), Red Bull Athlete and League of Legends Streamer/YouTuber. I main mid and my top 4 champions are Lux, Ahri, Neeko and Orianna. You’ll see a lot of them in my videos as well as the occasional dragon or baron steal :3 I have two cats named Ronin and Luna that also sometimes make guest appearances in my videos, as well as the families newest addition, my puppy Freya. On this channel you will find highlights and funny moments from my ranked games on stream as well as the very occasional Vlog. My social media links are below if you haven’t already followed me there. Thanks for watching! 🙂



  1. It's the clown music for me.

  2. I like how the editor removes all but one of the "fucks" … Mistake?

  3. I just discovered her channel and , I’m basically playing all the same champion as her , omg I’m basic

  4. you are literally the best streamer content creater ever/ ;pve hpw ypu are positive and chill no matter what happens <3

  5. I love the outro music so much! Where can I find it? <3 😀

  6. That bot lane. Oof
    thank god you have a calm and sound brain

  7. Not the bot lane try to blame u bc they suck lol

  8. Loved this gameplay vid!!! way to stay level headed miss KP!!!!

  9. I thought you would have gone Ori for the sweet wombo with malph! Vex is obviously good into their whole team though.

  10. Honestly I appreciate you so much for being like a less tilted league player. You’re like, the beacon of hope in the community

  11. As a soraka main we don't support or claim how mean the soraka was ♡♡♡ sorry for the toxic soraka here is a banana cookie but if u hate ot allergic to the cookie here is toast with Nutella ♡

  12. 5:58 part of me feels like that ult shouldn't have hit Ahri, but all's well that goes well 😀

  13. PLS can someone tell me what is that music 2:55 I keep asking but nobody replies in the comment -_-'

  14. The little rant at the beginning about analogue😂🤣 you’re so correct about it, using ult for escape. Or when they ult the tank on the enemy team, instead of the ADC…

  15. Malphite the carry! After you ofc

  16. I’m so confused. Why is the jinx even going mid against an ahri. There’s no way she’s able to farm well if the ahri is sophisticated. Even if bot tower is gone why is the soraka bot then and why is she telling where KP should go??

  17. Good ass vex game I would of been kinda pissed this game and that xonyas by Barron I would forgot to hit and died I would of forgot I had it good shit I wish I could play like that

  18. You go girl!! 😆😆💖

  19. my day was trash… until kelsey releases a vid :3

  20. I'm always so amazed how you manage to stay calm in games like these & make the correct/most logical choice for yourself & your gameplay.

  21. A new KayPea video always makes my day better 🤩🥰 Thanks girl!

  22. After draining my last brain cells for a critique paper, this is a genuine treat.

  23. Lol I have the exact opposite expectation. I feel like malphite is so fkn boring to play that whoever is picking it must be realllllllly committed to winning the game and they'll usually do at least ok.

  24. My favorite thing about vex is her little shadow.

  25. Is this a kaypea video or a life lesson WE should all take in consideration ? Either way I enjoyed it 🙂 !

  26. You with Malphite, me with Ezreal. Thx for the video, that's great!

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