TRYHARD BEGINS WITH VEX! - Placement Game 1 - Climb to Master | League of Legends -

TRYHARD BEGINS WITH VEX! – Placement Game 1 – Climb to Master | League of Legends

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Welcome to Season 2022! We’re beginning to today with Vex oh boy… Me and my Shaco have to put our carry pants on for this match! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay. #LeagueOfLegends #Vex #RankedPlacement

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TRYHARD BEGINS WITH VEX! – Placement Game 1 – Climb to Master | League of Legends


  1. I really hope Riot will add a proper colour blindness mode one day. The current one is not at all acceptable. Maybe something to bring up in one of the dev meetings?

    Hopefully the new season will see you get back to Master and above!

  2. Doing my placements as well, so far 2 wins 2 losses got to my 3rd game though before I decided to permanently mute chat so the community is improving Lol

  3. I like how the titles aren‘t giving away the results in Placements – please keep it up! Last season you were mostly posting wins and the title gave it away

  4. Why does tank/bruiser akali, katarina or ekko work? They deal enough damage on their own lol 😂

  5. 6:07 that kill was great, fantastic awareness that the flash gave the mark for the auto extended range. 👏👏👏 one day I’ll get Vex that good cause I love that champ.

  6. No problem wirh the champ repeat, I love thyhard huzzy, let's go!

  7. Entertaining commentaries in stomp games cause you sing in most of them anyway.
    Otherwise tryhard mode on the main account, like that 🙂

  8. Idk if Rengar sees Akali in her shroud. Though for sure he can see Evelyn on passive.

  9. ”so many people dont pay attention in lol anymore”
    Huzzy forgets to buy item while saying because he was so into the top skirmish. Gave me a chuckle! 😀

  10. Thats the beginning of a great season guys! I can feel it

  11. Dude vex is so busted she is literally unkillable once she gets bramble warmongs and another tank item

  12. On my first game it ended with my team having 4 kills, 2 were by me as a solo supp and one top and jng. My team fed so hard the enemy team had to go on a diet.

  13. Awesome start! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  14. Congrats on the win in the first promo game, Huzz! Love your content and hope you get back to master, or even higher, this season! Hope all is well buddy!

  15. Random thought I’ve just had. If you exhaust someone then they ignite you, does the ignite do less damage? I’m guessing it doesn’t?

  16. Happy new year Huzzy. I have been gone for a while cause i play tft only know. But ill watch the placements games for sure (: good to be back.

  17. Really like your content and think you're doing a great job, but the saltyness about op champs or unskilled champs seems a bit much sometimes. We all know some are juiced but it's almost every time you die bro

  18. we are the same i hate laning against tf because i cant tell what colour card he has half the time

  19. a 1 in 10? 😀 Ohhhh that must be so sad… looks at my own team all 1/10 at the 10 min mark… you can't make this shit up 😀

  20. Hey Huzz. Honestly if you feel like you're doing much better tryharding with less entertaining commentary, i personally would enjoy it just as much as the usual commentary. Seeing you climb and be as good as you can be is honestly a joy to watch.

  21. I know from what ive personally been hearing akalis really build divine for its mythic passive since it gives percentage armor and magic pen which i believe she still does both types so they really only build it for that and maybe the empowered sheen?

  22. I feel like first placement games are always filed with bad players. In my first 3 games I had 3 inting players that just refused to play after they lost lanning phase.

  23. In my placements I noticed that my teammates were less likely to give up than normal and I was able to get a couple unlikely comebacks that would've been losses at the end of last season. Glad to see that seems to be happening for you too Huzz!

  24. So far I’m 4/3 in my promos. All 3 losses have been due to one of my teammates tilting themselves when the game was still winnable. Had a jg who refused to play for objectives when that was our win condition. Had an ezreal who stayed bot lane all game after going 0/5 and had a sion who fed a sett and continued pushing side waves repeatedly until the enemy team collapsed on him and killed him. Just unlucky mental diff with teammates.

  25. Loved the lower-interraction, more tryhard focused gameplay! Sick plays!

  26. Hey Huzzy, I'm a lower elo player who really liked the idea of OP off meta picks – I love playing stuff like Morgana top, mordekaiser or kai'sa mid – i dont know if you play a lot of kaisa but i do really wanna see you try her new AP build! It goes Manamune, Nashors, Crown core, usually a Collector and a Shadowflame last, with Berserker Greaves. The idea is that it comes online a bit later than her usual AD build but it has very strong poke. you start with Tear or a sword and a refillable potion, rush a Serrated Dirk early, and then build normally from there.

    she should get her Q by level 11 and she usually gets her W and E upgrades by the time she finishes Nashors.

    please try this out and show us what you think!

  27. Sick game. I'm convinced ad shaco is great.

  28. Untintable Huzzy, great game dude. What a way to start the season!!!

  29. When I grab people with my R and have spells on CD, you can always wait a sec before jumping in for them to come back up. Refering to your R at 14:20 ish game be anxiety jumping in with nothing,

  30. honestly find these games really entertaining huzzy

  31. I was confused about the initial ranking since they said it would be harsher. Even with the carry and win, I was expecting you to start somewhere in Gold. But good job!

  32. This is the problem with being fed but not understanding macro game knowledge your macro was scrubbed my guy and you constantly led your team into terrible fights. Like I get the feeding Rengar, and I get the useless vayne but why are you trying to rely on them to suddenly understand the game. As soon as you know they were scrubbed you need to adapt and that doesn't mean jumping in on the first person you see everytime. The call around dragon was terrible Vayne actually played correctly and let them have it. You should have been pinging them back the minute you saw nunu then came in after you had more men to snipe the nunu just accept the drag as a lost and move on. Getting mad at rengar for split pushing is also wrong he is not going to defend that tower or inhib it is much better for him to push towers and at least get something back. The only time he comes back is if they make a concerted effort to end the game.

  33. Akali counter, give her too many targets lol.

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