Tommy Vext / The Lone Wolf - The War You Wanted (Official Music Video -Starring Triple V) -

Tommy Vext / The Lone Wolf – The War You Wanted (Official Music Video -Starring Triple V)

Tommy Vext
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The Lone Wolf
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We envision a day where people with Down syndrome are fully included in their communities: working, playing, studying ,and living together with their peers.

We hope that individuals with Down syndrome will be seen as ”More Alike Than Different” and strive to instill this belief in our local communities through our outreach and programs. This goal is to benefit the community as a whole, not just the individual.

The FOUNDATION provides people with Down syndrome and families opportunities to enhance their lives through strategic partnerships, unique programs that create ‘inclusion’ settings naturally, family support, and meaningful community involvement.

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Two shots fired can’t ya feel the emotions
You shoulda have got out the way

This fuckin train keeps rolling
A piece of me was stolen
for the rent that you just couldn’t pay
(But now it’s taking it’s toll)

Is the the war you wanted ?

Say what you wanna say
But I won’t play your game
Is this the war you wanted ?
And when I walk away
You’ll never be the same
This is the War you wanted now

Those sob stories never needed promotion
I had a feeling this day would come
To break down slowly & claim yourself as holier
Then though, but the truth will unfold
(And now it’s taking it’s toll)

Say what you wanna say
But I won’t play your game
Is this the war you wanted ?
And when I walk away
You’ll never be the same
This is the War you wanted now

Over and over your soldiers fall down
Over and over they kneel to the crown

Is the the war you wanted ?

Say what you wanna say
But I won’t play your game
Is this the war you wanted ?
And when I walk away
You’ll never be the same
This is the War you wanted now

#tommyvext #thewaryouwanted #triplev


  1. Tommy, big fan, have been since the days of vext. Hey just wondering r u ever gonna do anymore episodes of the deviant gentleman? Just curious. This is where I learned u weren't just one of my favorite rockers and biggest rocker crush (ngl) but that we voted and thought similarly too. Long before u left bad wolves. I was so elated I told all my rocker trumpsters about it too. Hope they sent u love as well. X

  2. So good to See that you make music again, i like your voice so now i am Fan of the lone Wolf ✌🏻

  3. Omagish I would totally drink your bath water love y Tommy!!!

  4. soon as that opening guitar riff opened, I knew this shit was gonna bang! We got ourselves a wicked gym banger brah!
    Happy for you man, and wish you nothin but success! Need more like this m/

  5. Fit as fk love his songs an he's very nice love the tattoos a man is not a man with out tattoos

  6. Love it! I was completely enthralled with the video. As a mother of 2 children with autism any awareness to those individuals with developmental delays is a big win! They are so more than a diagnosis!❤❤❤

  7. I think everyone can relate to this song. We all are fighting a battle. Some just can't be seen!

  8. Tommy once again fuckin rocking it love it keep this stuff coming!!!! Solo artist of the year!!!!!

  9. Fuck bad puppies you never needed them anyway man

  10. lol must sells and tatt tooos 😄 but you dont know me btw liked the song

  11. So after all his mega-acrimonious Bad Wolves split, Tommy Vext (or should that be Tommy VEXED?) puts his out his own stuff crowdfunded by probably every Rock fan to the Right of Centre.
    But politics isn't why you called – we're here for the music! Well there's more than a hint of FFDP on this one, so much so that if you told me it WAS FFDP, I'd have believed you! But if you like FFDP you'll definitely love this excellent Hard Rock track, a very impressive debut. Headbangingly enjoyable singalong stuff, it's a guaranteed gig favourite. It's a must-download. My Score: Excellent 5*

  12. Thank you for spreading awareness and inclusion. As someone who is disabled (I have Williams Syndrome which is similar to Downs Syndrome) and also a musician all I have is nothing but love and respect 🙂

  13. I may not agree with Vext’s political views personally. But I can tell he is a good person. And that’s why I love his music. His music helped me when I decided to quit drinking. This song in particular is my favorite one he has written. As someone who is a bodybuilder who struggled with drinking and am ADHD/Dyslexic it hits close to home. Keep releasing bangers Tommy Vext/The Lone Wolf 🤘

  14. It's like a super heavy Nickelback. No shame.

  15. That is hands down one of the best fucking videos I've ever seen good job guys!!!

  16. Scarlett_Equestrian & Popcorn 🍿 the pony says:

    Is this the video I expected for this song, no. Is this the best video I’ve ever seen? Absolutely! Everyone needs to see this!

  17. This must be a song against his former band mates not the first any band or singer has done this in over 50 years

  18. Yo OK I was not ready to like anything you make but fuck this is such a message I support. Hell yeah.

  19. when i first saw the short for this video I assumed this was a fan of your.. so awesome to include him.. mad respect Tommy

  20. Boy what the fuck man I know you're not gonna reply on here but shit Amber's crazy as fuck😂😂😂😂😂😂 just another upchurch checking in

  21. Can't listen to this song unless it's on 1.25x speed

  22. That riff fucking RIPSSSSSS 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 great message brother ! ❤️

  23. Is that Bill Hudson? Only Tim Yeung is missing to have Westfield Massacre again

  24. This Lone Wolf project is just next level man damn

  25. Love the song and the video. As a mother of a son with nonverbal autism, I thank you and Dean (firmly known as mojo rawley) and everyone else for bringing awareness people who are handicapable are just like you and me.❤❤

  26. Your the MAN Tommy! Love the message and you've NEVER disappointed in any of your songs… Keep it up! 💯

  27. As always another banger. Love your music and your message. You are freaking amazing man. Can’t wait for the next one

  28. Can not stop listening to this masterpiece …

  29. August Artois MFS!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  30. they look like hells angels rejects – sound like it too

  31. I might start the war, but I'll be the one to end it 💪🏾

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