ToeTagTeddy & Toretto666 vs Vex 2v1 | APB Reloaded -

ToeTagTeddy & Toretto666 vs Vex 2v1 | APB Reloaded

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APB Reloaded Ps4/Ps5 Nerds ToeTagTeddy & Toretro666 2v1 Me, I used stun weapons & they had joker box guns & full perks 😭 This is what happened

instagram @vextiaofficial

main channel is Vex ILLX


  1. if yall play APB Reloaded you already know these 2 nerds but if you dont just know they play this game RELIGIOUSLY & have PAY TO WIN Joker box weapons & have full perked out characters & vehicles & lost 2v1 to me while I just used stun guns 🤒 imagine if i was using a real gun? oof

  2. I know what everyone is looking at while watching this video

  3. Didn't know you play apb damn we should play some day gs 💫

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