This might be Killing Your FPS and You Don't Even Know -

This might be Killing Your FPS and You Don’t Even Know

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Ngl, I’m kicking myself over this like I shoulda known, now I at least want y’all to know and be transparent. Windows can do some silly stuff that can actually be killing your FPS and general PC performance. Seriously, it’s like you can spend hundreds of dollars on a processor and never realize you aren’t using the full extent of it, because everything seems to be working alright. LITERAL MISSING CORES!!! This Windows bug might be killing your FPS and you don’t even know.

Good luck! Hope this helps

Forum that pointed me toward this:

0:00- This bug destroys performance
1:25- Windows. ugh. windows
2:55- Explanation
3:30- How to Fix It!!
5:00- We shouldn’t HAVE to do this, ALAS!
6:30- What does this mean for me?


  1. How does your recording follow your mouse? What software do you use?

  2. hey vex, since the new gpu generation have little peformance and efficiency increase compared to previous gen, wouldn't it be interesting to test their peformance on same wattage like, for maybe 65, 75, 100, 125.

    or even 45w to compare it to a igpu?

  3. for me, i didnt had that problem. windows do it fine for me. it uses all cores on my 5800x3d ^^
    but all ppl, that have this weird issue, than whats going on with microsofts windows? o.O

  4. i think u tried to "optimize" ur ryzen 1600 back then and enabled that and u dont remember … u should always format ur computer

  5. Click to complain – false information. You are a big YouTuber and you make such heresy. I have a computer that is 2 years old, I haven’t touched anything, I haven’t reinstalled anything, I don’t have any checkmarks there. Why are you misleading people? Windows doesn't lock your processor unless you do it yourself.

    What 3.9k stupid people supported this video, why? So that he gets more money from advertising and continues to make content that is just fake?

  6. Mine was set to 1 when I have 16 threads. Everything was running fine. I think lol. The pc was built with the original windows 11 install. Windows changes settings all the time after updates. But it feels much snappier and I'm using less ram now. Idk what any of this means but I think it helped lol

  7. yes, you have 16 threaded logical cores, so in msconfig you would choose 8 cores.

  8. One of the most interesting and helpful videos. Remind people to hit ok, apply, ok restart again after they've selected their newly available threads as well. Keep up the good work man.

  9. This is prime example why you shouldn't touch windows settings you don't understand and don't run random registry and fps boost configs blindly.

  10. Dude blaming windows for his own failure what a loser.

  11. This is the most B.S. and clickbait video I've seen from this dude so far. By the way, just so you know, throwing more cores at games won't magically make them faster, how well an application scales with multithreading depends on the application.

  12. This video got randomly pushed to my recommended front page. After reading the comments, I'm gonna go ahead and hide/block this entire channel. This channel is a joke

  13. Windows is dumb in a lot of ways but this ain't it chief this is clearly an user error. That's why you can't rely on a single sample, you always gotta test everything on multiple samples before coming up with a conclusion

  14. Woah how did you add GPU Busy to the MSI Afterburner overlay??? That's awesome!

  15. Had a similar problem with my ryzen 5600g, it was hitting 100% cpu at all times even when just watching youtube and making it lag and stutter like crazy, like 40 fps in warzone 2, all I did was stop all startup apps and it worked fine after getting only 40% usage with 100+ fps on warzone 2 after…

  16. So many people writing that "you selected this option before", yet i had the same problem and I know for sure I never touched any options in windows considering cores or the processor at all. I took my old ssd with OS and put it in new pc with i5-12400 and for few hours couldn't understand, why perfomance is so low. And then (I think it was in HWmonitor) i stumbled on info that i have only 2 cores. Few google searches and I restored my cores. And I know i never touched this settings because my ssd was used in my old laptop, and there was no experiments with system settings whatsoever

  17. I have a question .. after you showed the unchecked ms config drop-down after the restart. You clicked on it and showed that all the threads are now showing. Do you leave it checked or uncheck it? Thanks

  18. While Windows does have outdated stuff going on in the background, this is not one of them really at all unless this is a bug that selected the checkbox because that is never normally turned on.

    You are telling people to turn something off to increase fps by a large amount in a clickbait manner because it's a setting most people never turned on to begin with.

  19. It’s still good to point this out… Although blaming Windows on this point is pretty harsh 😂

  20. ur previous cpu was 6 cores and you upgraded without reinstalling windows so no windows is not dumb but you may be

  21. Dammm I have Ryzen 9 5900 x and the diffrence is HUUUGE, I had only one processor on default msconfig ….

  22. Honestly, that checkbox is by default unchecked and has been either enabled by yourself or by some snakeoil tuning software. I have been there down back to Windows XP when i noticed missing cores.

  23. It's not often that people upgrade the CPU, but I will look for core drops in my future diagnostics. Thx

  24. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Ryzen Master software was the fix for me. Never had this problem until that piece of software came about. I went from a Ryzen 5 3600x to a Ryzen 9 5900x. It still read at the time only 6 cores and 12 threads and not 12 cores and 24 threads in Ryzen Master (very similar to what you showed in the video). My guess is that certain versions of the Ryzen Master in the past checked that box in MSconfig and specified the logical processor count as the processor a user has at the time. The newer versions don't seem to do this.

  25. This wasnt as near as grand a blunder as LTT so you're good

  26. Went to double check this myself, and by default that option is left unchecked. I think you need to take this video down because you are misleading people

  27. "Comments say you have to check it yourself"

    "Checks msconfig"


    People saying you're wrong are smoking crack, windows 11 has it checked by default

  28. At last ! Somebody said it ! I'm having more fun in my backlog with games from Ps3/PS4 era. In 2023 we have 100 GB games that are broken on release and people still buy them. To see change, we need to stop supporting those games and push the industry back to the basics, when games were simply good. The hardware and GPU industry also push that type of games so they can sell sale you more powerful and elaborate products year after year.

  29. A side note: I have a 13700k for my office pc and I like the extra E-cores. I dedicate the 8 P-cores (16 threads) to a large task and then I dedicate the 8 E-cores to my browser through task manager so I can watch youtube, social media etc and it's a smooth experience. I tried dedicating cores with my 5800x3d and it doesn't work nearly as well.

  30. "I'm like, why'd he say fuck me for"
    – Microsoft probably

  31. My 5700X has all its cores going but thanks anyway.
    Always good to know these things.

  32. I guess this issue would arise usually after an upgrade on your CPU

  33. How did it take soo long for you to realize this? Didn't you check it before. How did you not check some benchmarks?

  34. I think the box is by default unchecked, so it should know how many threads there are on the system. The only way it would have been checked is if you were playing with it at one time, directly.

  35. I knew something wasn't right when I got my AMD cpu. It wasn't showing all of my cores until I follow your steps

  36. It's a You problem, and only you problem, windows has nothing to do with this. 😂

  37. I parked your mom's core last night.. hell of a multitasker too.. this is awkward.. um.. just.. say hi for me..

  38. I suspect you set it and forgot it for some other reason in the past. I've done this with certain settings before.

  39. You actually should've refreshed Windows when you installed a new chip. I know people think it's a pain. But it's a lot easier than it use to be and it solves a lot of these issues with a clean install

  40. Everyone on AMD knows windows is stupid sooner than later

  41. Windows does this to save a core or two as backup if one of your cores goes bad but since that’s highly unlikely it’s not worth the drop in performance.

  42. Boot option is for programmers to simply uncheck and have all cores😉

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