This is what a Challenger VEX Jungle looks like!! How to Play Jungle with Vex -

This is what a Challenger VEX Jungle looks like!! How to Play Jungle with Vex

Pants are Dragon
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  1. I love when garen mains complain about balance

  2. Most of us mid laners won't flame our jg, but the other mid laner is fair game lol

  3. I thought that was my Spotify playing— HIGEDANDISM <3

  4. She is The reason why poke mage should not have high AP ratio

  5. That ult may be the best thing I've seen in League

  6. This Kat….why does Riot allow these kind of people to EVER play the game? This type of stuff isn't even remotely funny. Systemic problem. I dont care if its PBE, present on live too.

  7. I don’t think it’s a lane that complains it’s champions that people play, like yas, draven, zed etc.. riven maybe

  8. Why did you stop the tokyo revangers opening man 😔

  9. song at the beggin ? I know its not darude sandstorm

  10. if you ult and kill the one you ulted will your ult doesn't have cd even if you dont use it again?

  11. Vex bot would be good. Like zigs without the tower ownage

  12. actually i would go blue buff with w

  13. her clear is just terrible but she scales so much just like an evelynn

  14. tokyo revengers kes goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo takemichi the best

  15. Lmao Pants is vibing from the opening of Tokyo Revengers

  16. you sound just like GUGA from GUGAFOODS lol

  17. pants pls react to my game with zed region: EUNE summoner name: SAVA1SAVA its so big comeback and i want form you to react to that and be on the video

  18. Why did you turn off the tokyo revengers opening

  19. should put asterisk in title: what challenger vex jungle looks like while being boosted by yummi

  20. I apparently can't try this myself because she's a mid lanner and nothing else.

  21. 24:24 that was SOOOOO COOL to watch! hahah
    I never even noticed that R animation cause its usually just so fast

  22. why is other kat name pants are gameplay LOL

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