This is what 1000+ Ability Power on Vex looks like.. (Challenger Guide on How to Play Vex) -

This is what 1000+ Ability Power on Vex looks like.. (Challenger Guide on How to Play Vex)

Pants are Dragon
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The PERFECT vex guide made by the rank 1 jungler


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  1. You should try vex on urf, The only thing You have to do is spaming q

  2. turns out she’s weak against heim lmao. i went 29-3 just now. time to eat vex

  3. How do people use the persona soundtrack without being dmca'ed?

  4. When you activate the second R you are not invulnerable. And yes, you can cancel the second part of the ult with your Flash, missing the damage of the R of course, but you can bait abilities and hit them with your W fear, EQ combo

  5. How come he can trie her before she's out for everybody?
    Sorry if this is pretty obvious, I stopped playing league long time ago, and I'm just coming back.
    This champ looks cool 😎

  6. she is one shoting anyone with 4 items (zhonia included), the vex i was faceing was 2 lvls behind me

  7. Yea you're a champ… I don't comment on any other vids… Keep it up My friend <3

  8. This is what 1000+ Ability Power on Vex looks like..
    On freaking bronze players in PBE, like always

  9. That Soraka is just bad luck , they were born with that curse.

  10. What if you build her like an ap bruiser. Ult into their team, fear them all, then beat them down while being unkillable

  11. Complaining about your 80 ms me as a South African player playing on 200 ms

  12. pants pls react to my game with zed region: EUNE summoner name: SAVA1SAVA its so big comeback and i want form you to react to that and be on the video

  13. Seems like phase rush would be a decent pick for her right?

  14. Is the music in the background casino night from Sonic 2?

  15. a 8/2 mid is questioning should he get mejai meanwhile me 2/8 still buy it without hesitation

  16. What rank is this guy cuz he is explaining things like some gold 4

  17. I think she will always be picked on top of melee midlaners, she is just too safe with a insane wave clear, that spells competitive champion in all caps

  18. Is it just me or the background music is from Tales of Phantasia? Kinda

  19. Why are people not seeing how similar this champ is to Diana?

  20. buys mejais after losing half of his stacks

    Me: tilts myself out of a 3 story window

  21. you even do bonus dmg when you're E and then Q
    for runes, I like to electrocute for doms, with the presence of mind on precision. You talked about mana issues, I find no problesm with this and starting out with corruption pots.

  22. are you on adderall or something? you legit NEVER stop talking… you just ramble on and on and on… its fucking nauseating with the LISP you have on your S's

  23. name of the song at the end? nostalgic af. Is it megaman? damn I need to know

  24. To answer the question:
    No. You can't flash during her R. All movement based summoner spells are deactivated while Vex is traveling towards her target.

  25. I burst out laughing at "i accidentally killed soraka"..poor soraka, getting sniped by accident twice lol

  26. How many ads does a man need holy.
    Backed out of the vid after the 6th ad.
    So annoying..

  27. I think the best build is go for cosmic second item and max w, against melee champs of course

  28. Man your editor is a beast. Loved the Vex popup with the runes.

  29. I wonder how many ppl actually know what game that songs from that starts at 1:30

  30. Potato (this is my comment for the algorithm)

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