THIS Is How You Play Vex & Solo Carry! | Build & Runes | Season 11 Vex guide | League of Legends -

THIS Is How You Play Vex & Solo Carry! | Build & Runes | Season 11 Vex guide | League of Legends

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League Of Legends Season 11 Vex Gameplay Guide with Combos. Learn How to 1v9 With Vex! Check out my playlist for each role in the description below.

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New mid only channel 📺:

0:00​​​​​​ – Build and Runes
0:23 – How to play early game
1:45​​​​​ – Basic combos guide
2:02​​​ – Early phase continued
4:48​​ – Combo guide with ultimate
5:08​​​​ – What to do after level 6
9:50​​​ – How to play Vex after early game






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  1. You create account to make tutorials? If you dont you just buy RP

  2. Hey, really like your videos. They're super helpful for new players, would love to see a Galio mid if ya could

  3. This is just in time, I reached level 50 and was thinking about buying her, cool gameplay as always, YEAGER NEVER DISAPPOINTS

  4. Can you make an aphelios guide? There is no Aphelios video on your channel. I have been playing this champ in bot lane for quite sometime, and i have 37000+ mastery score and yet i have no idea how to carry with this champ.

  5. This is a good tutorial, you should post it on reddit

  6. Vex the gloomist with liandra's anguish. Really a very gloomy day.

  7. Great video, really nice to see the combo guides back too!

  8. Typical Yeager, bullying his enemies to death xD
    Great work my man!

  9. The ryze is running it. He turn on his speed boost and said REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. most user friendly champion ive seen in a while. diggin it

  11. Im think,max W second importennt when you playing against assasins like Zed,Katarina,and more.But I must asked-Only I have bugs with sounds there only voicelines is hearing?Played against her and its so awfull do not hear sounds effects of skills

  12. Welcome back, my friend. Good work on the Vex guide, she's quite fun. Looking forward to the champion roadmap early next week, the bot lane adc this season better make the role fun again.

  13. Arent you supposed to max w second?

  14. I am curious, what was the elo in this game? Must have been bronze or iron, this ryze was very bad.

  15. Yo guys how do you show aim of spells with out hovering over them?

  16. I don’t know if it’s just me but that play at 5:40 seemed really OP

  17. Your channels is so underated, so high quality 👍

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