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Season 13 Vex Guide League of Legends

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  1. count how many times she says "im dancing..happy?" its all I can focus on O_O so annoying. love the vid tho haha

  2. two barons, dragon soul, and the team was still getting clapped left and right

    an absolute banger of a game

  3. i gotta know ioki…what is that shirt?! xD

  4. i do like the serious vids cuz i enjoy learning and knowing what to look for when i get on n play

  5. What a game man we need more of this educational videos❤❤

  6. It's crazy how bad your team was. Could've ended a lot sooner if they had brains. (And picked an actual mid)

  7. I Loved the Video Bro but why does her voicelines repeat themselves every 10 seconds?

  8. I like the more serious builds more, but I do like the meme builds too (at least when they have a unique play pattern and aren't just "I took all the burn/attack speed/one stat item builds)

  9. I deffo love the educational videos, esp when showing off some nice off-meta-ish stuff

  10. Like you said about Tyler, are you dumb or genius? I can't figure it out.

  11. For sure more Edgimcational videos please. Nothing better than having fun watching and learning at the same time. Keep them coming please. 💖💖

  12. I've been abusing Vex support but in normals when I need to carry my friends who are bad at the game and I almost always buy Rabbadon too. If your team plays around you as full ap Vex you can easily carry. The problem is if they have a lot of cc to lock you down. I enjoyed the game and I had the feeling that I am watching a game of mine. Thank you i0ki.

  13. Day 18 of saying that i0ki is an absolute legend I will make it to day 365 (347 days left)

  14. Had to stop watching 3m in bc that stupid fucking voice line playing over and over

  15. "I can't believe that Jax didn't block the Maokai ult for me." This was obvious from when he tried to 1v5 earlier. HE think's he's making a tuber, so his life is obviously the more important one. 🙃

  16. ive been wanting to play vex recently
    this is my official calling back to her

  17. I love these educational games, helps me better understand champs

  18. I do like the educational guids on champs in the supp role 🙂

  19. So basically i0ki is a man who hates adc and mid lane roles and plays all their chars as support to carry games 1v9

    Waiting for season 13 leona videos tho!

  20. Can you move your chat up a smidge? Your face cam blocks out some of it. Also, I've liked this character since I saw her, good to hear I can play her as support.

  21. I just tried it and man I think I found a new main. The damage she did and the plays you can pull off, and the scaling!

  22. I’m trynna be like you my man!!! 🎉🎉❤

  23. What kinda screen do you play I0ki? Because mine lol is zoomed in because of my screen. I want to buy the same screen you have…

  24. I like These kinds of educational videos, but most of all I just want Ivern supp to work! Make it happen IOKI ❤

  25. Would glacial be a good call as vex support or is it unnessecary due to the fear?

  26. Maybe I will not reroll Vex when I get her in ARAM. 🤔 I gave up playing Summoners Rift as supp a long time ago. EUW is darn acidic and it seems everyone is playing for kda instead of for the team.
    Loved the video, made me like Vex a lot more now. Thanks Ioki ❤️

  27. As a support main it's fun to play off meta champs, thank you hyping the role Ioki- forever love and support!

  28. I really appreciate the educational videos. Fun to watch plus I get better at the game.

  29. first whole league game ive watched in a while you are officially more entertaining than midbeast.

  30. Damn his team this game was literally turbo inting

  31. watched the whole thing, that was a crazy one, well done!

  32. Banger of a game. Love the content, Ioki!

  33. Amazing game! So glad I stayed until the end

  34. Definitely appreciate the non-meme videos, good stuff GSA

  35. Hi, just discover ur channel
    Love it at the first sign
    As a support main its a pleasure to learn from the best

  36. “Wanna do this as a very edge-cational video” 🌚

  37. big fan of the educational mores serious guides/vids.

  38. This video game just in time for me haha. Thank you very much!

  39. Absolutely insane vid. The outplays were incredible!
    I love any video you do, but I do definitely enjoy educational ones cuz I suck so any help is good lol

  40. I am pretty new, are you using normal cast? Because I notice the icon of where your attacks will go hovers for a bit. It seems useful for your E.

    Thank you so much for this guide! My friend insists Vex support is a throw pick. However its because I was playing her using Q to fear and E to poke between fears. I learned a lot from your video.

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