THIS GAME ENDED SATISFYING! VEX! - Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends -

THIS GAME ENDED SATISFYING! VEX! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends

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We’re playing some more Vex today and we’re against my kryptonite champion… Irelia. This game has many twists and has it’s frustrations but it ends very satisfying! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vex Mid Gameplay.

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THIS GAME ENDED SATISFYING! VEX! – Unranked to Diamond: EUNE Edition | League of Legends


  1. The damage on Vex against that Xerath I think was warranted. Lux or Syndra would have done equal one shot damage. Syndra probably with just landing a 5 ball orb and e.

  2. Last night dropped a 12 KDA game in ranked on Vex. Maybe I CAN manage my 90 ping skill shots lol… but more likely this champ needs nerfs

  3. It's kinda funny how huzzy doesn't has any more thumbnails for his Vex games. Duo to the fact that he plays her so much as a new champion.

  4. I totally agree with new champions strength is not proportial with difficulty, but i have to disagree about Katarina statement. That champions difficulty is on par with Gangplanks. It's absolutely not easy to control daggers, and most of the Katarina strength comes from her passive so people who die and blame it on champ being broken just didnt look at the ground and sat on 1-2 daggers

  5. It's great the way that you are willing to own your mistakes in game. Not many content creators do that, but you fess up and make it educational for the viewer. Respect.

  6. 17:50 walking up melee range to minions and Irelia with almost max stacks and dying = irelia broken. No, just need to give her space when she is pushing.

  7. What about this guide video? Can't wait to see it! ❤️

  8. Honestly loving the vex content so keep it up. The champion is fresh, unique and hasn't annoyed me massively on release. Keep up the great content Huz

  9. First tike seeing u mocking someones comment xDD "she has git 49% winrate" i was crying xDDDD

  10. How can lol ever do anything with the ballance of the game, just pumping out new champs

  11. Vid 80 of trying to get huzzy cannons famous

  12. That Gangplank really managed to recover his game, good for him!

  13. Finally got a ranked game of Vex in today, lost the game but did well personally and had a blast. Good champ might be a new main for me lol

  14. Have been binge-watching your content lately – even if I´ve already seen the videos on stream. Really love your personality. Keep up the amazing work! Cheers 🙂

  15. 29:07 huzz, ludens and sorc shoes with a legendary item or two at this stage makes it so that if a squishy champ builds 0 mr, youll do all your damage as true damage since youll be negating all thier mr. at that point even ahri will easily one shot most squishie champs. (you also hit literally everything.)

  16. 12:01 Huzzy ults, he kills Eve putting the ult on reset use, he dies before he uses the reset….. His ult global cool down reset on spawn. I thought for sure ults don't reset on death, am I wrong?

  17. Ιωάννης Γιαννούλας Κοκκώνης says:

    Kinda reductive to suggest WR doesn't matter at all. It doesn't yield good results when you use it in a vacuum, but looking at wr across tiers of play for a champ and interpreting is probably the only way you can statistically gauge their power. Even high elo players are saying Vex isn't even high tier, at least not high tier as of late. She has a simple kit, easy execution, so it's expected for her to naturally do well against players who aren't accustomed to her function. Nerfing her further right now would be a kneejerk reaction more than anything.

  18. Good stuff as always, Huzzy! I've been maining her since release. Try to start E into Q sometime. The E is easier to land and E plus an auto procs your passive for a quicker CD and more damage. I find more success since I started doing that.

  19. one thing I notice when you play vex is that you never auto attack when you have your gloom proc up, it does a good bit of dmg just hitting that auto when an enemy dashes so much like irelia

  20. Many people forget urgot scales absurdly hard, high their urgot players like to split because 1. Good wave clear 2. They consider him to be worth 2.5 champs

  21. Huzzy I'm not in the market for a new gaming device (yet) but is a walkthrough included with the apex pc? I know I would struggle with that

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