This FSR 3 Situation is Wild -

This FSR 3 Situation is Wild

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This FSR 3 situation is wild.

When it was announced, AMD was clearly following up with what Nvidia did with DLSS 3: Frame Generation. Though, AMD claims that they had been working on it before hand, it has been 11 months. The feature is now “released” into 2 games, yet, extremely incomplete and buggy. FSR 3 was not ready to release it seems.

This reinforces the idea that AMD was only introducing FSR 3 in response to Nvidia and wanted to use it for marketing because “2x framerate” does look really good. However, AMD may have mismanaged this and announced it FAR too early, then was now pressured to get SOMETHING out there. Sadly, it’s just an ugly situation….


HUB Podcast:
Daniel Owen:


0:00- FSR 3 FG is weird right now
2:10- Why Frame Generation could matter
3:38- What Nvidia has done
4:25- AMD’s Approach to FG
5:18- Struggles FSR 3 has overcome
6:50- Was FSR 3 announced too early?
8:00- Clout Chasing :O
9:42- FSR 3 is pretty flawed


  1. how is FSR 3 Shady??? what is shady is you need a RTX 40 series to run 3.5 dlss and NVidia is selling 4090s for over 2 grand when their company has a stock valuation over 1.2 trillion dollars lol only a tool would be negative about this technology when so many people are dealing with sky high GPU prices as it is… This is the last video im watching from Vex, clearly you have overlords to make happy lol accessibility to millions of people and make the tech happen now and not 5 yrs from now is awesome… most people are still running 10 series cards according to steam j/s…

  2. Beta release of the feature, that reminds me of what Starfield is a beta version of the game but being sold is a finished title when you can clearly tell that it's still in Early Access development.

  3. FSR 3 was a bait for the AMD fanboys.. just to believe they are at the same lv with Nvidia. When in reality they are FAR behind.. they still buy AMD video cards thinking they have the same IQ with fsr :)))))))

  4. You know, these fps multipliers and neural networks upscale don't bring anything good into industry. Now we have developers and publishers who make games with these cheat codes in their heads, so now Alan Wake 2 will need rtx 3070 with dlss perfomance to run at 1080p60. I repeat, 3070 to run 1080p60 that will be upscaled from the 540-720p.

    Why do you support it, guys? It makes industry worse as more and more developers dont care about an optamization

  5. Why don't frame generation just use last 2 frames and generate new frame and show it and then do the same with last frame and new frame.

  6. Feels like every time I want to watch a vide about these technologies I will have to eat what frame generation is even after a year with DLSS 3 lmao

  7. Just like dlss is slowly improving with each drive, nvdia's frame generation has a lot of room for improvement since it's AI powered, mark my words, AI can only go forward and it's getting insane, if amd doesn't adopt it they will definitely get behind.

  8. I just went into the comments of this video and was reminded why people are the reason im very very sad… So to start off i agree with the pinned comment and to all the nvidia fan boys fuck off with the insults, its a comment section not a back alley were the hoodlums hang out, we can act like mature people here. My problem with nvidia is that their advances only help their most expensive stuff, and generally your card will become out dated (ask me how i know im using one right now 1050ti, most games run on it and nvidia doesnt improve it anymore). Amd is actually putting out ways to improve old technology which nvidia refuses to do. The point is Im not gonna shit on what AMD is doing because Unlike Nvidia, AMD is looking at those older cards and making them function on newer games. And to those who say just go buy a new card, imagine living on a fixed income or low income and you have no immediate way of improving your situation, upgrading card is completely unfeasible in those situations, atleast AMD is looking at this and seeing an opportunity and i hope they get it working correctly.

  9. I don't have time to nitpick,I just set Uncharted 4 on FSR amd the game got significantly more beautiful.

  10. I mean if u give me choice of 1080p 45fps vs 1440p 90fps its obvious why i would take FSR3.
    Not everyone owns RTX4000 series cards.

    Thats the fact u r ignoring.
    Not everyone has a choice of fsr vs dlss

  11. my recommendation at this point is just try to buy something good enough so that you don't need frame generation at all, or even upscaling. I'm gonna go for the RX 7800 XT and hope to be able to play almost anything in native 1080p at higher than 144 fps

  12. Like others have said. All these features are well and good but they don't replace optimisation. Sadly it's going to take a strong stance from the community voting with their wallets for things to ever change and I don't see that happening anytime soon.
    Take starfield for example, an unoptimised mess yet Bethesda have already made their sales. So where is the incentive for them to do better

  13. Upscaling is a meme. Nobody cares about this worthless junk. Make better gpu's and price them properly, that's all people care about.

  14. There’s a reason why amd has a low market share whether it’s tech that will get you banned in games to poor drivers bricking your pcs amd seems to struggle a lot of them times

  15. HAHAHA THE AMD COPE in this comments section, lol

  16. but it is free and can be used in cheap graphic card. that's far more than enough.

  17. I wonder if its available on my integrated gpu of ryzen 3 3200u 😢

  18. Biggest problem about FSR, DLSS and Rtx.
    Developer get lazy….

  19. Having played FG Cyberpunk Path Tracing for more than 20 hours I can say that while Frame Generation is good, little to no impact on latency in real gaming experience the true downside is actually image quality.

    Frame Generation creates a soft image. DLSS Quality and Balanced looked exactly same due to this soft style. In few indoor areas it even appear like an Oil Painting regardless of DLSS setting you are using.

  20. If games keep coming out poorly optimized or highly demanding, we're gonna need this stuff faster than expected 😂

  21. Those artifacts are pretty bad. The truth is they only got barely passable performance in those 2 games, and this is after trying their best lol. It's safe to say its probably trash on other games they need more time to 'optimize'. I think rendering at lower resolution and upscaling the picture for more fps is preferrable to frame interpolation which has always looked bad in video editing.

  22. they should have had fsr 3 frame generation in cyberpunk and starfield on release

  23. bro complaining about "free" feature over "paid" feature, smh
    it's free because you dont have to buy AMD specific GPU to use it
    it's paid because it's "included" with specified nvidia products

  24. He admits it’s sketchy, but says that’s ok because AMD is “nice”. This guy must be the biggest AMD shill there is 🤦‍♂️ 😂

  25. amd never have working software like drivers xDD

  26. True FSR 3 is shit, but Nvidia Raw performance is a non existient feature, well at least after the 1080. The whole Nvidia performance is due to ai and frame generation…..

  27. When you realize that FSR and 30 fps capping is simple math that has been around forever… Yeah.

  28. Dunno, man. I haven't upgraded my gpu since 2017 (rx580). Hell, my cpu is still 3770 non-K.😂 I don't really know what these new tech means.

  29. its so bad i had to go back to skyrim…and i'm having fun, no FSR , no ray tracing, but its been more fun than starfield

  30. LOL copycat finally lose their mind, cause there are no brain power behind it. so the end results is a big pile of crap…

  31. I don't think any of the concerns brought up about AMDs approach or marketing are really things to be worrying about here. First off, only Nvidia has been using upscaling in their benchmarks to sell GPUs, AMD shows the raw performance vs their competitor without upscaling. Secondly, while AMD may be 'playing catch up' with NVIDIA in terms of features, a lot of these features are still superficial when it comes to actually being able to sit down and play a game. Will an RX 6800XT play Cyberpunk at a playable level without any additional features? Yes. Will an RTX 3080 be able to do the same? Also yes. To me all of this is just icing on the cake and furthermore if AMD gets their in-driver AFMF further worked out, I think it will be a HUGE advantage to them because then you do not have to depend on the game developer to implement these features. I have been using the AFMF driver on my RX 6800 for two weeks now @1440p in games like RDR2, GTA V, Mafia 3, etc and with the right settings it actually works very well. Sure we can have these comparisons where we slow down the footage to 50 or 25% speed to see the jank, but at full speed playing a game at over 150FPS, you won't actually see 95% of that.

  32. It's fully released as an open source SDK I assume. And it seems really easy to mod FSR into older games as it is.

  33. AMD and Intel has good engineering team, plants, resources and experiance. the Only thing they dont have and will never have is Jensen's brain. without a captain, the rest is history… wont matter

  34. Games with dlss or fsr should be priced at a lower price tag. It is only fair for going cheap.
    Dlss is making games easier to make, so why are they still rising the price tag.

  35. console gaming becomes more appealing with every passing day. Not fussing around and worrying about performance..just play your game at 24 fps and be happy

  36. After fsr 3 will came out, probably nvidia will enable DLSS3 on 20 and 30 series rtx.

  37. Frame Generation has now became the main feature a GPU must have

    New games are completely broken, relying completely on this shit (LOTF and Alan Wake 2 being some very new examples), older GPUs will all die very fast if AMD does not pull that off

  38. FSR was AMD's response to the better option out there.. I think they would be better off selling at a loss, it's simply worse than the better option out there..

  39. A simple hardware based line doubling IC would be so much better than any software, it would double FPS without any added latency, along with hardware BFI or other strobing effect would be a really nice feature and upgrade for GPU's.

  40. Honestly i think its a good feature for people with older cards, aslong as they dont use it as a reason to skimp out of performance. As someone with a 5700xt i want FSR to be good, it doesnt need to be better than Nivida just on parr.

  41. lesser RT performance hit and better fsr image quality would be enough to make a lot of nvidia users to switch to amd.

  42. I'm not a fan of upscaling or frame interpolation. Instead of using it to help a properly optimize game to give it an edge it's used as a shortcut to get games out the door quicker.

  43. I would much rather just have a well optimised game in the first place, whats the point of spending thousands on the latest GPU just to discover it runs at sub 60fps and you have to bodge it all with smoke and mirrors.

  44. I've got 7800xt, fly mainly DCS , and I've got about 100fps (high settings)on high fidelity planes raw. More than enough for me!

  45. Was excited for this to run on the Steam Deck but looks like it's not happening.

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