These TIPS could improve YOUR LEX GAME too!! | Paladins Coach Vex -

These TIPS could improve YOUR LEX GAME too!! | Paladins Coach Vex

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Paladins Lex Guide! | I vod reviewed a Lex gameplay!
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  1. Wrong talent 15% Increase damage against retribution targets is much better

  2. Lex is truely underrated. His ult is very strong and can punish any tanks (including that Azaan).
    Like at 21:10 : he already knew that he was about to ult this way. (I guess)

  3. If this guy really wants help, why would he send you a game where he played well and won? One could say he actually wants to show off. A little insecure and in need of affirmation.
    EDIT: Great video, despite the original player's lack of honesty.

  4. I play lex and I never knew about ult destroys shields… that is nice.
    Can't wait to see more of Coach Vex because I definitely need some coaching lol started ranked in beta got to diamond ever since then I'm down in the gold and silver 🙁 lol the joys of solo queue.

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