The Skyrim Burnout -

The Skyrim Burnout

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The skyrim Burnout.

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  1. Thanks for watching, hope you stick around.

  2. It was a game that was ground breaking. Beautiful, expansive, and so much to do! I can only hope Es6 can rekindle that joy again.

  3. Skyrim was a great game for beginners just getting into RPG games because it was so basic for RPG standards.

  4. I always get the burnout but eventually always come back

  5. Hey bro. Im in the same boat as you are. I grew up with skyrim and got it in 2011. Ive played it countless of times. And youre right it doesnt feel exactly the same. Something ive done recently is playing the game on a one life basis. Any time i play skyrim now i do a one life playthrough so if i die, thats it. I make a brand new character any time i die in game. It really makes you appreciate each survived battle which would have been some cookie cutter quest normally. I like to spend time making a whole vivid backstory and try to play with no plot armor. Sometimes ill be a thief who will rise from rags to riches to only then suddenly die to some random troll on the road. For me at least it gives my spark back to the game. Idk if this will help but magbe give it a try and see what happens. Good video though!!!!

  6. I played fallout New Vegas on the 360, So many times the disc broke, as someone who is persistent to a fault and stubborn, I kept on feels as though I had to create perfect character and do quests perfectly, making me fail to realize what made the game fun to me it was chilling out not worrying about how perfect the run or progress was and just feeling free to do the quests anyway I wanted, and making my own fun. also, nostalgia makes average game seem like a masterpiece when in reality it was ok with some good parts, also, note for people like me who are mentally unstable, don't dwell on nostalgia you will find something new sooner or later.

  7. the game is 12 years old this year, there's going to be burnout if you've played it regularly since release
    starfield is coming out 8 years after fallout 4, TES6 could release in 2031, hope you like fallout in space it's going to be a long wait

  8. The fun thing is you can mod it to your liking. If you don’t want to invest your time in learning how to do that there are collections through wabajack. What you say is true, the first play through is the best. Collections could do that since you don’t have to know what’s in the mod list.

  9. this video feels like an intro to a much longer video

  10. Then u got me rushing thru my first playthrough cause starfield coming out

  11. Skyrim originally got me hooked at 7yrs old, watching my dad and uncle play thier long awaited elder scrolls game. i played it so much growing up (same with fallout 3) i have at least a year played in each. Im currently doing a 100% run on my switch and i can come to the same consensus at you, its fun but unlocking a new shout or new spell doesn't make me feel anything. idk if its cuz the game has been optimized/years of experience. But ive been watching my gf play it for her 1st time and its honestly a blast. Elder scrolls to me will always be a game for each generation. also refuse to buy a console bc no game has matched the content of 2012 skyrim on the pc. PS. BEYOND SKYRIM looks so fkn goooood

  12. i’ve been trying to figure out why i feel so sad every time i boot up my old saves. it could just be the fact that there’s nothing really left to do, but i feel like it’s how i wish i could play it FOR THE FIRST TIME again.

  13. Honestly i comeback to skyrim every couple months and usually i play with a fuckton of mods

  14. It's like that saying in The Witcher:

    "Something ends, something begins. There's never an ending that's not also a beginning." Everything has it's time, man. Everything, and I mean everything, ends eventually. Which means that for each of us, there will come a time when we play a beloved game for the final time. Hug a loved one for the last time. Say "I love you" to somebody for the last time. Clock in for work for the last time. Everything has it's time and nothing lasts forever. Perhaps the best way to honor your memories of Skyrim would be to give it one final run for old times' sake, and then move on. Let it be a memory. Maybe after enough time has passed you will come back to it and it will feel new again. I have no idea how long that would have to be. Perhaps a year. Perhaps a decade. Or maybe this is it, and you won't play it ever again. Or maybe you just need to take a break for a couple months, then you watch a lore video that reignites your passion…or a sequel comes out and you decide to play Skyrim again to see it from the perspective of having experienced the sequel…

    I don't really know. My point is that there are always other games. Other journeys. Nothing lasts forever and none of us will play games forever, because we can't. Life itself does not last forever. So grieve the loss, process it for a time, and head on to the next adventure. The next game. The next movie. The next fishing trip. The next family dinner. Whatever makes you happy, keep experiencing life. But remember that part of loving something is realizing that one day you will have to let it go. We all will. "Tomorrow we die." as a wise old man from a story I love would say…

  15. I just had to make the game fun and do diff shit I still have yet to complete complete it

  16. If I could have one super power, it would be to make myself forget that I’ve ever played or watched something, so that way I could experience playing my favorite games for the first time again, because nothing beats the the unique feeling of exploration mixed with determination to get to the next part. That magic is lost once we complete the game, movie, show whatever.

  17. It’s definitely real but not as bad as fallout 4 i tried to play it again yesterday and barely made it an hour

  18. How many years after release and NOW you're burned out? LOL. How many times has Bethesda's re-released it and NOW you're burned out? Why even bother making this video? There are already hundred if not thousands exactly like this and they were all posted years ago. I would advise you try to make something even tangentially relevant next time you upload.

  19. Feel you lad think around 2017 is when I just couldn’t do it no more probably more hours invested into this than any other game but I get you tried the multiplayer mod for shits and gigs but it ain’t the same

  20. I somehow slept on this game till now. When I played it in the past I wasn't a fan of Bethesda graphics. After 10+ years of mod support on PC, and talented modders putting together collections I do believe it enhances the experience. Game is insane with 800 mods. It's skyrim but bigger and better. But I get that you can't erase the basic quest knowledge and such. But truly skyrim is the perfect blueprint to make any game you want. Even when we get ES6 I doubt skyrim will ever truly die.

  21. I have 392 mods and my game isn't perfect, yet.
    Knowing everything that will happen, with the exception of a few surprises, can be very tedious.
    My problem is graphical. The grass doesn't cover everywhere I look, some parts of the terrain are weird (squares, rectangles, triangles) and DynDOLOD isn't everything I imagined. Perhaps, I don't know how to properly configure it, but, still a problem.
    And Serana Dialogue Add-on never properly executes the kiss scene. The screen simply blacks out and a pop-up appears saying that we kissed. Odd.
    First, I thought that the mod author was to be blamed, then, I swapped my Dovahkiin to a male nord and nothing had changed.

  22. I think the Skyrim burnout is a unanimous experience. I certainly know I've felt it. That alone will never detract from the fact that is one of my favorite games of all time. Sometimes though, too much of something sweet can leave a souring taste. What I'm saying is, just because it isn't something that you're able to enjoy right now, does not mean that you can't enjoy it later. I think that it's a similar thing with many games. At least for me.

  23. What always makes me get tired of bethesda game are those God damned caves/dungeons. There's just too many of then with not enough differences between them. It got to this point that no matter what game I play, even if there's just one cave I just want to turn off the game this instant

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