The most INCREDIBLE game of Vex you will ever see! -

The most INCREDIBLE game of Vex you will ever see!

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Vex Support (ft. Zwag, Heiz, and Professor Akali)

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  1. Bruh I saw this video on Zwag, Heiz, and, well, your channel lmao. Freaking lit game I'll definitely rewatch it again…I already watched it twice on the other channel. What's another rewatch haha

  2. Let’s watch this game again from iokis pov. Vex game strong

  3. Lol yall whent flying around the map at the speed of mock Jesus

  4. This looks like the most fun comp yet! Why isn't league more about this kind of thing man… Flex que with fun but strong comps should be the bulk of what goes on in this game

  5. i0ki, your Vex was super clean.

    Pocket sized pocket surprise pick. Would recommend 10/10.

  6. Wish you would have gone nocturne support

  7. Watched it on your party channel but you know ;З I'm gonna do it again here 😀

  8. Professor Akali throwing his balls everywhere and you are the master baiter, everyone wanna touch you iOki <3
    Stay safe brothers <3

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