The Most Depressing Match Of Vex Spin Up Worlds -

The Most Depressing Match Of Vex Spin Up Worlds

Broken Zip Ties | Vex
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  1. I watched this video on the day of my tournament so I got worried and ended up checking everything again. lol.

  2. Where do you find the recordings for all the qual matches?

  3. Man matches like this are si funny to rewatch

  4. Its a tie for the most scuffed match between this one and the rerun of qualification 74 in the innovate division. 1 robots drive train broke, one robots intake chain broke, and the other two got trapped on the field. I recommend that you go watch it. Spin up has to be the most scuffed game made lol.

  5. As one of the members of 643T I can confirm something with that match was definitely cursed. But watching back is so funny.

  6. Also in the video you can’t tell but our teammates brain on the robot had Minecraft enchanting table all over the screen

  7. Our cata only jammed because a bearing broke right before the match so we didn't have time to fix it 😭. Idk why we didn't put something there to strengthen it the first time it broke

  8. Lmao my team 6199E was on the last qualifiers(if we win we would've def made playoffs). We lost 102-104 BECAUSE I WAS DRIVING AND MY DRIVER BOX TEAMMATE REACHED OVER AND FIRED EXPANSION OUT OF THE FIELD

  9. This is a pretty cursed match, I also had a really cursed match, the rerun of match 76 in the innovate division. One got high centered on the low goal, one got lodged in the net and was almost vertical, my teammates intake broke and my drive train broke, not as cursed but still very cursed

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