The Legend of Vox Machina: Percy and Vex — Therapist Reacts! -

The Legend of Vox Machina: Percy and Vex — Therapist Reacts!

Georgia Dow
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Psychotherapist Georgia Dow Reacts to the relationship between Vex and Percy in “The Legend of Vox Machina!”

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  1. Love this analysis, You should watch Critical Role C1 for the raw experience. Improv at its finest.

  2. Thank you for this video! I really love this couple. Since I also have an avoidant attachment style, their slow developing romance feels so much more "real" to me than other fictional couples who fall in love with each other so much faster.

    Others have pointed out that Vex uses "darling" so much more in the campaign. She starts out flirting a lot with npc's to manipulate them. I guess it's one of her survival mechanisms from the early parts of her life, before she and Vax met the rest of Vox Machina. Since she was already used to calling people "darling" I guess it was easy for her to use it in a more genuine way for Percy while at the same time making it seem like it didn't mean anything special – just in case he wouldn't reciprocate her affections.

  3. Love your videos a lot,but your transition to the sponsor at the end always bothers me…it's smooth and yes but I always expect something more of the video after and there isn't, so it feels a little as if the video ends with a lot of abruptness to me.

  4. I love this series. Will you ever do the M9 (even though they still don't have an animated series)?

  5. Whenever you get those emotional welling ups, I am right there with you Georgia. Clearing out that tear and and accepting it as a the reaction my body needed to release 🙂
    Keep up the good work, the fun cosplay and the interesting analysis ^^

  6. Really niiice . Thank you
    Love the cosplay also .. well done
    Be forever blessed Georgia.. 🙏😊

  7. As someone who has buried his family, except for his little sister, I relate to Percy so much. I know how it feels to have this overwhelming darkness inside, to shut yourself from anyone else.

  8. Something I wrote about a Dream I had and woke up and wrote this one day…


    I Love Her, the girl in my dream. I didn't choose to, it was a realization given to me as my mind turned in the night, weaving this elaborate story and without warning or mercy plunged me to its depths. She is Beauty; not pretty, or beautiful, but the only way I understand the concept, and so long as "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" then my eyes shall only behold her. In this dream these truths become absolute, and I feel them with every fiber of my being, they become more real than anything I've ever known.

    My dream begins abruptly in the heat of passion our bodies intertwined, melding, molding into one. Never a more perfect ecstasy, nothing more profoundly intoxicating; all five senses overwhelmed, I catch her face in the light, she gives me a playful smile that ruins me just before lunging in for a kiss, I see the glint in her eyes and know…she loves me…truly as much as I her…I am her Beauty. The satisfaction and perfect peace of acceptance washes over me in waves as I lie there with her held in my arms. She makes me want to learn to write poetry just for her, because she deserves everything I have and more.

    "I love you." I whisper.

    "I know." she whispers back.

    "I mean I really, really, Love you." I say with more confidence turning to look her in the eyes.

    "I really, really, know…" she giggles as I frown at her dodge. "…I Love you too dummy." she says softly, staring into my eyes before we kiss.

    Suddenly we are serving in Iraq together, my dream courses through a montage of convoys, firefights, and the daily life of being a soldier. I feel our bond grow even stronger, it pauses briefly on a scene, the two of us huddled in a concrete bunker with the incoming sirens blaring, we both know the bunker is to protect only from debris and a direct hit would be the end, we hold each other tightly as Death whistles his favorite tune overhead, but he passes us by.

    We celebrate our return Home! Everyone is there and we laugh, dance, and sing; I propose under the stars, and she says yes! Months later we are living together the wedding is planned, life is perfect. She comes into the kitchen beaming from ear to ear, she can hardly contain the joy.

    "Wha…" I try to say before she jumps into my arms and starts kissing me.

    "I'm pregnant!" she says giddy with laughter.

    Joy floods through me. I kiss her stomach; we dance and laugh together in our little kitchen celebrating our family to be. We go to the doctor to check everything out. As we wait for the doctor to come back with test results, we pick out names and plan our future. When he arrives the expression in his face doesn't say "it's a boy" or "it's a girl", no it promises pain. The doctor explains she has late-stage cervical cancer, inoperable, and only weeks left. She sobs and buries herself into the newly formed hole in my chest, as I fail to find words my mind asks "But…we were dancing?" as if there must be some misunderstanding.

    My dream plays through a new montage, back and forth between our wedding as we dance and the rapid progression of her sickness. I hold her in my arms and sway as the cancer withers her away. Now at her bedside I lean in for a kiss.

    "I love you dummy." she whispers softly.

    "Don't…not yet." I sob as she slips away.

    A blur of movement and muffled noises as days go by. “Condolences.” my mind reels for response, but my mouth remains mute.

    "It's a real shame…"

    "A shame? You are speaking of my air you fucking bastard!"

    "I’m sorry for your loss…"

    "My loss? My heart, my light, my soul? …me too."

    The funeral, a cold Winter day, but that's not why I'm numb. I lean in and kiss her on the forehead goodbye. People without faces swarm around the graveside as they lower her casket. As the snow falls, I slip away unnoticed, walking deeper into the graveyard. I'm so hot! why am I so hot? She was so cold…I let my jacket fall to the snow, I loosen my tie, unbutton my shirt, hot tears freeze to my cheek as I find a place to rest. Bare-chested I slide against a small stone wall to the ground.

    Chilled fingers clumsily un-crinkle a piece of paper from my pocket. No one around to hear my words, I whisper them all the same.

    "I wrote these for you…" My breathe becomes a cloud in the freezing air, I do not shiver.

    "Love…My Love…My Girl.

    The Winter wind blows, the Sun scorches the sands, Storms rage across the Sea,

    and all the forces of Nature make the World turn,

    but only Love can command it stand still."

    "My future forever yesterday.

    Oh how I long for just one second

    frozen in time with you.

    I defy you! Give Heaven another name than this,

    A moment of pure happiness and bliss;

    One without pain, suffering, or sorrow;

    One without fear, doubt, or tomorrow…

    …A kiss, and nothing more, because nothing else matters."

    I close my eyes and listen to the wind as I wait for a response I know will never come. Memories fill my mind; a calm comes over me as I sit there listening. Silence gives way to stillness, and stillness drifts into darkness…

    …there's my Girl.

  9. Funny enough that Percy used a lot of "Courage" when he "talked" to Vex one time.

  10. i'm impressed that you managed to keep Vex and Vax's names straight 😂
    also: Perc'ahlia > Vaxleth 😤
    also also: great video, Georgia~

  11. Im glad you’re into this ship too. I REALLY hope we see more of their chemistry and campaign moments in the later seasons.

  12. These two are my true OTP. It was so amazing to get to watch it unfold in real time years ago. Cool to see you covering it here!

  13. the thing with the mask didn't at first strike me, but this WAS the first time I saw that scene …. 😀
    also – must …. not …. get … another …. subscription!!! 😀 Every time I watch any of your vids on Vox Machina it makes me wanna subscribe to Prime, even just for this series alone, lol

  14. Now we just need complete analysis of the bathroom scene

  15. I would love to see Georgia’s opinion on the characters of She-Ra and the princess of power 2019. It’s one of the very few shows with so many interesting and complicated characters. A therapist react on Catra, Scorpia, and Glimmer would be amazing!

  16. Your Vex cosplay is so on point! I LOVE IT!

  17. clearly, you've not watched the campaign 1 series on critical role. 🙂 'Darling' is a word she's used quite a bit. usually, of course, accompanying some sort of insult. 🙂

  18. the 'who to trust' bit, I usually translate to him observing that he knows perfectly well who NOT to trust… 🙂 as I believe he trusts them all. more than he trusts some demon, anyway. 😛

  19. Uh oh, I have a disagree. On the carriage, Vex said Percy should be happier to get a rise out of him, she was well aware this wasn't a happy circumstance.

  20. I feel either she actually has feeling for our boy Percy and ironically contradicts herself given how she told her brother not to form intimate attachments or maybe there’s some thing she needs from Percy cause I feel like his demon might not fully be purged and it might help with her quest

  21. Without going too far into things that will likely be addressed in future seasons I think there's a part of Vex that also relates to Percy because whilst it wasn't at the same level, the twins father is someone with a modicum of influence. Where Percy attempts to hold and maintain what he believes is a proper dignified mask befitting his station, Vex has spent most of her life trying to fake the dignity she believes she should have, also using that as a mask.
    Also Laura Bailey's ability to say the word "darling" and mean something very different every time is commendable 😆

  22. Talesin once explained his main concept for Percy was in his words "To play a character that is not a good man but a bad man desperately trying to do good"

  23. Without Vex Percy would've gone down a very dark path. I'm only saying is as I'm 100% sure it won't be brought up but the final unnamed chamber of his gun was not meant for himself but for the start of another list. Taliesin (Percy) said in the campaign Wrap-up that Percy had acknowledged that he was on an unending cycle of awful, knew that it would snowball, but wanted revenge so badly he didn't care about the horror it would bring.

  24. this is amazing, I would like to see more of them in the later series

  25. I love these videos and am wondering, based on the depth you go into, are you a critter too?

  26. I struggle so much with Percy. Vex being kind doesn't feel empathetic so much as due to her romantic interest, even when he nearly killed her brother in the throes of his rage (if the tables had been turned, had he pulled the gun on Vex, Vax would have given the same exact speech). Then Vex goes off on Keyleth for an innocent mistake when she was trying to help the Sun Tree.

    Percy may blame himself for something that wasn't his fault (although I do love the theory that Professor Anders got Percy to invite the Briarwoods, tying it to that whole bit of vampire lore), but he constantly deflects when he's actually to blame, such as blowing off what he did to Desmond or pointing his gun at Vax. In stream, this behavior was pretty consistent and it's why he was my least favorite.

  27. I'd like to think that Vex uses "darling" as both a term of endearment and to people she perceives as threats, so she's in greater control of whether when someone dies: if she cares about them or not. Which could come from when her darling mother died.
    The idea is well written because my knowledge of the English language isn't developed enough to properly articulate my idea. So, apologies in advance.

  28. I'm just happy someone did a breakdown of one of my fav couples, like actually about their relationship and why it works.

  29. Would you be interested in analyzing the dynamic between Percy and his sister? Might be an interesting look on how two people deal with trauma from a young age, and the ways that they find their closure.

  30. The next video we need is the Grog-ale relationship.

  31. Vex has called Keylith "Darling"

  32. Man I’ve never felt more single than I did watching this

  33. Love the cosplay!!
    (No wolves were harmed in the creation of this show.)

    And this series of analyses you do.

  34. I honestly wondered if anyone would pick up on the small ques of their early relationship. You are getting a lot of these characters spot on. Which means the show did great or you are very perceptive. Or both lol

  35. The similarity in jawline between Vex and Georgia is uncanny

  36. The bit of people who have avoidant personalities and can see through peoples platitudes and bullshit I can attest to. I have an old friend who gets seasonal depression, we live far away from each other, so every now and then I give them a call to catch up and see how they are doing. One day I give them a call and they tell me that they are depressed and how terrible things. I gave the usual platitude that things will get better and it will pass and they threw that right back in my face saying that it wasn't and there wasn't anything I could do about it. What they did not know is I knew they dealt with seasonal depression and throughout the year whenever I found trinkets and other things I thought they would like I would buy them and put them in a box. So I made a handmade Halloween/Christmas card (it was that time of year) and mailed them the box. A few days later I get a call back from them telling me they felt a lot better and thanks for the box and that they loved the stuff in it. I like to think by putting action behind my words it made their day a little better, it showed that my platitude was not just words and despite what they thought there was something I could do to help them feel better.

  37. There is a beautiful moment in the campaign that I hope they have in season 2. Vex is about to see her father and the town that looked down on her and Vax so much the next day. Percy comes to her room about something and she asks if she looks “well off” because she doesn’t want to be looked down on again. She gets really vulnerable with him and he really listens and at the same time helps her see her true worth.
    He then the next day in front of her father drops a bomb and names her Baroness of the 3rd House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt. He then tells her father “in spite of your relation, do watch your manners.”

  38. I really want your review from their characters from the original stream.

  39. Love the Channel, Great work. Your Father and Son Dune video was masterful. Would love to see you take on The Boys.

  40. time stamp 4;45 had me in tears. one of the reasons i identify with percy is fear of abandonment. that fear just came up in a big way over the last few days, and my boyfriend has been great in dealing with the fall out from that. thank you so much for this.

  41. Anyone else cutting onions right now? No? Just me?

  42. Omg isn't youtube such a trove of wonders, never imagined id find anything like this lol.

  43. Fantastic video! And love the cosplay. If you like these two, you have a lot to look forward to ;D

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