The Hardest VEX MID Flex Game Ever - Heisendong -

The Hardest VEX MID Flex Game Ever – Heisendong

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How to play Vex in Season 12 | Everfrost Shadowflame Mejai Vex Mid – Heisendong

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🎬Video Edited by Glorious Drac

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#Heimerdinger #Heisendong #Leagueoflegends


  1. It was painful watching him use his level 1 ult when he had a level up point at 6:33

  2. Ofc the Yone player spams the thumbs up emote.

  3. Yone players gotta be the most cringe in the game

  4. Didn't have the minimap DLC on the lux gank. That's a shame. Love the video man.

  5. Yone is such an obnoxious champion to playa against :/

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