The Game Awards Are Cringe -

The Game Awards Are Cringe

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  1. At this point. The game awards is like a Bollywood movie. You know it's gonna be bad. But you watch it for the flying cars and horse action.

  2. This was fucking stupid this has always been this way too game awards should never happen again ever

  3. why did she skin a muppet from sesame street

  4. absolutely cringe if taken out of contest tho i didn't watch it fully

  5. the murderer thing could have been a real thing tho with that kid at the end

  6. I just wish they delivered things straight. Like Yoshi. He walks up, thanks the community, hypes up the trailer and drops it. That's it. We don't need no weird dad jokes or stunts.

  7. The dramatic zoom in on Reggie was funny though 😂

  8. Someone on this theatre probably is a murdered
    "Bill Clinton guy happens"

    Not so funny, anymore is it? That could have gone way worse

  9. Can we get a moment of silence for all the elmos that were slain to make that cring lady's dress

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