The Clinterview - A Chat With LGR -

The Clinterview – A Chat With LGR

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Clint – AKA LGR or Lazy Game Reviews – started his retro computing and gaming YouTube channel way back in 2006. As others have come and gone, LGR’s cozy, thoughtful, educational and – most of all – high production quality videos have stood the test of time. As a result, his channel has steadily grown to over 1.5M subscribers – not including his side channels LGR Foods and LGR Blerbs!

So let’s chat all about old tech, YouTube, and everything else that takes our fancy.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Our Questionable Geography Knowledge
02:38 Clint Of The Caribbean
03:55 The MrBeast Next Door
07:34 15 Years Of LGR
08:15 My Biggest Fan
12:37 The Videos Clint Wishes He Could Delete
14:21 The “Joy” Of Rural “Broadband”
18:07 Solar Power & Taking Those Videos Down
20:54 Full Time YouTube & Why LGR Doesn’t Do Sponsors
27:22 Growing Up In The 90s PC Golden Era & Our School Computers
35:27 Our Current & Future Video Projects
39:32 On “Helpful” Comments
40:18 Hacking Early 2000s Gadgets – Flip Video & Kitchen Computer
41:36 Secret Retro Illuminati Discord Exposed?
44:16 Hacking Early 2000s Gadgets 2 – The Chumby & The Ouya
49:19 IBM 5162 XT-286 vs. Emulation Boxes
51:53 We Both Love Action Retro (Maybe A Bit Too Much)
53:49 Starting A YouTube Channel In 2023
56:49 YouTube Work Ethic & Streamlining The Production Process
01:00:46 Clint’s Hyper-Productive Confession
01:02:59 Is An “LGR Foods” Comeback On The Cards?
01:05:27 Clint’s Secret Streaming Experiments, LOOM & Stormtrooper Poop
01:10:00 Do We Even Have Time For Gaming?
01:12:55 Our Love For The OG Xbox (But Not So Much For Vista)
01:14:11 On “Retro” / “Vintage” Gatekeeping
01:15:36 A Pair Of Old Men Rant About Modern Gaming (Get Off Our Lawn)
01:19:04 Commander Keen’s Nvidia Shield Gripes
01:21:47 Steam Deck 2 (See, We Can Do Modern Stuff)
01:25:22 Angry Video Game Nerd
01:26:49 Did I Really Rip Off An Old LGR Video?
01:30:30 Our Favourite Pentium-Era Games
01:33:15 How Do You Even End Something Like This!?

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  1. I love how you and Clint just casually described my childhood tech journey in one fell swoop. Perfection and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, thank you.

    I basically got back into the retroPC hobby because of channels like yours, LGR, PhilsComputerLab and many others. This kind of content is more valuable to me than anything on TV.

    Thank you for this!

  2. That was a cool stream of retro/youtube/cooking/ strange odd tech goodness. It was like sitting with a couple guys and chilling over good conversation.

  3. Two lovely humans having chat about my favorite things. What's not to love? There is something about the retro scene that attrcts warm and generous people. An absolute pleasure!

  4. 1:19:00 To add to the conversation about games not being interesting, I have a hard time finding any modern games that peak my interest as well. It's very samey, and even a lot of indie games feel samey at times although thankfully not as much.
    I usually just go back to playing emulated SNES games, because my fond memories of gaming go back to the Super Nintendo.

  5. I honestly like when multiple YouTubers cover the same topic, because you end up with multiple perspectives on it. To me that’s fascinating.

  6. LGR is one of the few retro youtubers I somehow attach to. He covers things I witnessed in the nineties like weird DOS-games and things like that. Not many retro tubers does things like that. Great interview!

  7. I'm loving this! Clint is such a nice guy (as you both are). Love how he's interviewing you as much as you are him. It's a fantastic conversation! So good! 🙂

  8. In regards to current games situation, I can assure that it's not age.. I'm from mid 90's and modern games are just boring. I barely play one or another and stuck with 2 or 3 just because my friends plays them.

  9. I very clearly remember the first computer game that I ever played. It was the California Raisins game on my dad’s IBM 8088 in the late 1980s. I think I was 7 years old.

  10. Great interview! You guys are both top class.

  11. Amazing. Congrats Rees. Great interview. Cool to hear more of the bg of both.

  12. That would be a good Retro show name. "_______ Retro Show Something " since all we hear or see is the word Retro so everything after that doesn't matter.

  13. 486 Dx2 66 seems to be the 486 most people seem to remember, trying to run Doom and later on we tried to get it to work with network cards. This basically was the template for my life.

  14. I wonder what and if there will be any anyone in their 40's in 25 years time remembering now in quite the same warm way. I think the main problem will be that most things require a connection to what will be a long dead web-service. It'll be a shame if they literally stay only as memories.

  15. the best thing about this video is clint's playstation lamp all the way in the background, which i happen to own one of those too and that makes me feel like a real conneisseur and man of culture now.

  16. Re: "Something to be learned" about engagement-style editing: Yeah. It's exhausting. Please don't do it. There's room in the world for slower-paced content, and with everyone chasing million-plus subscriber counts, the "mental manipulation" end of the market is already well beyond saturated.

  17. Alright! Time to feed that parasocial relationship! Let's go! 😀

  18. you know about these timing coincidence I think it's not so coincidental I mean it is but more I think there is an existential matrix form of human made objects also and these objects somehow have to pass throughout our eyes and become re analised and become turned to some meaning in our thoughts woo hahaha I mean it though,

  19. Clint could play with lint bunnies for an hour and I'd watch it.

  20. I loved this interview! And I hated my Steam Deck and returned it, hah.

  21. Intel did make a 186 processor I only saw them in Tandy products…

  22. Looking forward to this, but I will listen to it via podcast rather than youtube. Much more convenient with the length I think 🙂

  23. I get pretty good broadband in very rural England. Dl 881.5 ul 311.9 on the speed test this morning. i use B4RN. They have been digging cables all around me. You have to dig the cable into your house or oay them to do it. Alot the digging is done by volunteers. Small businesses get government grants

  24. The best thing about lgr is when Clint just does random things without caring about it "fits" the chanell. Don't stop doibg that

  25. Nice Techmoan mug Clint has 🙂. Great chat between the 2 of you

  26. Hello, do you know if i can make 2 Joysticks on one PC ? Thanks

  27. Calm down with the old men nonsense. I'm 54.

  28. Very nice talk you had there 🙂 LGR thinks new games feels like the same old and does not innovate. I find that interesting since I feel kind of the oposite. I want new games to be more like the old games. Specifically I want more games like the first Far Cry, MOHAA, Delta Force, Crysis.

  29. I feel your pain re the rural broadband!

  30. Blackpool is not The Shining Star it once was it's a little bit run down and not as beautiful as it was back in the 70s, unlike son parts of the country which are absolutely postcard perfect Blackpool and the people are great but it needs a lot more investment from the council to tidied up😢, don't take that as the best representation of the UK for if you do come over for the first time there are some places you certainly must visit😂

  31. That was such a fun and easy watch. I liked how you both interviewed each other.

  32. Great chat! Early 50s here. Welcome to the “Old Man” club. You guys are absolutely spot on about gaming, not much new in 20 years. Same old thing in a fancy new wrap. Just remember it’s new to kids and that’s where the money pours in from. We have just about seen it all already. There will be something absolutely unique snd amazing in gaming again someday… and I hope I’m still young enough to care.

  33. For sponsorships at the end of the video, if they are done right, they can be good. Good examples are Ryan George and Daniel Thrasher. But they are both comedians and do their ads as comedy sketches. Sometimes Ryan George's "ADstronaut" skits are better than the video that they are attached to. Do love that Clint won't change what he does for sponsorships.

  34. Finally got round to watching you after your second appearence on This Week in Retro – now subbed – great channel!

  35. I think of those ad reads for food vpn mobile game, at least someone gets paid for it.
    Usually ignore them all.
    Especially if they get really obnoxious and you see them in every other channel.

  36. Back in the day I had an RM Nimbus, and mucked up the autoexec.bat and it booted into a loop. I had no boot floppy and so that was that!

  37. It was actually the CVS "disposable" video camera that people hacked and were able to reuse on their own rather than send it back to the store to have them transfer the videos off of it. The Flip cameras came out about a year later and were reusable from the start.

  38. that cup is cool 😮 i know what ch thst is 2

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