The CANCELLED Vex Expansion in Destiny -

The CANCELLED Vex Expansion in Destiny

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Destiny 1 Cancelled DLC Expansion Vex Void had a Trailer made for it and everything which would then be used over 3 years later for Destiny 2 Season of Undying.

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Destiny 2 New Expansion Vex DLC Cancelled


  1. I'm convinced D2 content we are still getting was just the original D1 game.

  2. Destiny has been Game of Thrones season eight since curse of Osiris. Those who aren’t doing marathon are anxious to get out of there. Why do we think all the good community managers leave? It’s hard on them once they realize it’s a con.
    It’s been proven now over and over, Neo, Muna, and the witch, queen and stasis and strand or leaked after the curse of Osiris…. That’s exactly when they started marathon. It’s exactly when a lot of the good people quit.
    It’s clear they were cutting Content not making any new stuff.

  3. Im just gonna say it. Humanity is the Vex.

  4. I have a feeling final shape is gonna be the vex themed dlc since Beyond Light was Fallen, Witch Queen was Hive, and Lightfall was Cabal so Final Shape really only has Vex

  5. Woh whaaaat?! The cheap company that just re releases old weapons and reskins others and calls them new would use an old cinematic for a new season so they can save some money on making one that had something to do with the new season, unheard of

  6. D1 had a fair amount of cut content, both vex void and shattered suns never made it to the game.

  7. People need to stop giving these guys money ffs

  8. Can you still purchase and play D1 expansions?

  9. Idk if there is anyone else out there with the same opinion, but I enjoyed season 8

  10. I thought its going to be a bait video, judging by the mara sov thumbnail…

    don't ask what did i just think…

  11. Knowing bungie doesn't make its cut scenes makes me more angry that they can't put out new content.

  12. I had/have a long standing theory that the Vex would be the Final Enemy we fight before the game truly ends. they always felt lime the real threat to me 😅

  13. Destiny is a failure. Do not play marathon as you will be disappointed

  14. In destinys 1 Supercut the vex are the ultimate final Boss after they "hacked" the black Garden.

  15. Typical Bungie move. I hope we get Vex Void or something reminiscent of it in the future

  16. The Vex be lacking with no expansion over a bunch of years 😭

  17. Ironically the last time Bungie had server stability also.

  18. Anyone surprised?. D2 is just a bunch of content cut from D1. Now each season is a part of the current expansion they cut and sold for money.

  19. Hey mayne can you do a video on TFS, S22 and S23 leaks?

  20. looking back on this whole destiny thing after all these years I realize how terrible the game always has been and will continue to be. Is a shame

  21. The vex time lines have always been confusing even to bunje

  22. I feel like the vex are just there bc they are. We didn't see much from them other than couple seasons and one bad expansion🗿💔

  23. you can find that vex structure or a similar one out of bounds in D1

  24. that entire structure was in destiny 1 but they never finished it. same with the hidden exo in the cosmodrone

  25. I started really playing destiny again in that season…

  26. Yeah they had to waitbfor destiny 2 so they could make money since they abandoned destiny 1

  27. They need to stop recycling shit for a rainy day

  28. Good thing they're rumored to be working on another vex season in the future. There's always been so much mysterious potential with these racist plankton mechs.

  29. Scummy ass company i would still be playing if they hadnt made all my d1 stuff literally a waste of money and time

  30. I’m actually really bored with the Vex. They don’t really have any vendetta or personality, it’s always the same story with them. the other antagonists however, have personality, vendetta’s, wars, changing sides, etc…..

    The Vex is always: time travel, computer hacking, and assimilation. They are the Destiny version of, The Borg’, from Star Trek.

  31. Soooo the usual, bungie recycling and reusing the same shit over and over again……

  32. The best cutscene in d2 is from d1? Wow it’s crazy how downhill everything went

  33. bungie made it…? sounds like those guys made it, but bungie payed them to make it.

  34. So thats why that cutscene looked so familiar, i thought i was crazy

  35. His balls dropped when he released this short?

  36. Fuck game companies now a days, we use to get fully made games that didn't need fucking updates or a connection to the Internet to play and they had little to no issues with bugs, now they sit on content only to make us believe that their hard at work developing these games when in reality their milking us for every cent we have, and people are to ignorant to learn not to give these people their cash so in all nothing's going to change.

  37. I wonder if bungie is gonna use this cut scene or make the vex expansion in final shape of D2.

  38. I now fully believe that activision attempted to undermine the game and cut Bungies legs out from under them in an attempt to bring in more revenue for their games but it ultimately backfired on them in the long run but is why Destiny story sucks

  39. We haven’t even seen entirety of the Vex units, they will def be playing a role in the Final Shape bc before the garden game rules changed the vex always won. They tried to recreate the Veil and failed, so it just shows they’re having a build up.

  40. I miss the Undying season man it was awesome I still have some weapons from that season

  41. Might recall glitching under D1 platforms and seeing D2 platforms.

  42. More Vex would be nicer than the boring-ass Hive and Cabal.

  43. And they never made a good cutscene again 😎

  44. Bro you gotta blow your nose or something I can't stand your voice

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