Team 2011 | VEX Worlds 2023 Recap -

Team 2011 | VEX Worlds 2023 Recap

2011 Robotics
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GGs, see you next season

*WARNING – Flashing Lights at end*
Music Used:
Dynasty – Empire Cast(feat. Yazz & Timbaland)
Tick Tick Boom – Sage the Gemini(feat. BygTwo3)
Gotta Good Feelin’ – Pigeon John


  1. 2011 is op, we gonna see more breck teams at worlds this year calling it‼️

  2. What a silly and goofy robot from 2011D!! I wonder what kind of foot bot they will cook up in over under???

  3. 2011 OP!!! ggs guys what an amazing org 💪💪

  4. 2011 OP. Congrats on getting to the dome.

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