Stranger Danger | Xeno Plays God of War (2018) - Hardest Difficulty, MAN MODE -

Stranger Danger | Xeno Plays God of War (2018) – Hardest Difficulty, MAN MODE

Xenosys Vex
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A stranger visits Kratos at his home, that no one was supposed to find. Who could this stranger be? Regardless of their identity, they mean no good and must be eliminated.


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  1. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is my favorite game of all time. I've wished for a remake for so long.

  2. If you look for a video on GoW lore make sure that it includes the 2 PSP games. They knew that they had messed up the character of Kratos in the third game to the point where it did not make sense, so they added a lot of story in the 2 spin offs. If anything it made sense why he would have such a kill boner for Zeus.

  3. I wanna see another entry in the kingdoms of amalur series.

  4. "I didn't get hit a single time." Followed by 5 minutes of copium.

  5. Must be wierd for Xeno to be playing a video game based around his father.

  6. Is this the second time he plays the game?

  7. Man said Legacy of Kane and now I'm IN! Love this guy and this gameplay series. Hope he 100%'s it but just a full playthrough is good enough for me.

  8. the resemblance between Xeno and Kratos, they look exactly like each other

  9. That warrior experience from ffxiv paid off here, and the hardest difficulty as well

  10. Bro! I would love the Soul Reaver game to come back! Or Legacy of Kain 2 as Kain!

  11. it's so fun seeing people experience this for the first time.

  12. i love how when baldur mocking About using a shield, xemo and the chat goes monke and start saying PLD

  13. Is not on give me god of war right? I remember enemies start at lvl 7 in tht dif.

  14. Can't wait for when Xenos gets to the [redacted] (optional endgame bosses) or the challenges in the [redacted] realm.

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