Star Wars Hunters Essential Beginners Guide -

Star Wars Hunters Essential Beginners Guide

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A complete beginners guide on how to get the most wins in your first couple of days playing Star Wars Hunters

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  1. OW style? you said that to appeal to new gen people?
    OW stole its whole flow from TF2

  2. For mobile players you can’t even adjust ur hud layout …..thats the most basic feature and the very first thing to be added if a game is be launched on mobile platform……looks like devs too busy jerking off……people that r adept on touch playing games like codm pubg etc with a 4 or 5finger hud…..cannot enjoy the game……

  3. i actully play the game on bluestacks pc and its pretty great and i even prefer it then ios and android and nintendo

  4. as a top 100 player that tier list is vaild

  5. All sentinel needs is a healing item in his loadout to become heavy

  6. Honestly I play both switch and phone, and phone running it at 60fps it's not only a game changer but a literal aim advantage in some hunters like daigo,zayna,char and skorak(whatever her name is)

    Both definitely have their advantages. Just use a controller on phone btw

  7. as someone who's been playing since the soft launch, this is a great video I highly recommend most of these tips!

  8. I needed this😭😭 I've been getting my ass kicked in ranked…..being unable to customize buttons hasn't helped

  9. the switch for sure is not the best way to play the game 💀

  10. Pretty good. The only thing I’d argue is that I feel as long as the player is good enough, a good support is always valuable, no matter the mode, as someone who usually sticks with a tank or smart dps and knows when to back off can make a group very difficult to wipe. But overall I’ve been enjoying. Love playing Diago and Rieve. Though I have been stuck at Beskar III/II lately due to inconsistent matchups (often the matchups will range from sticking me with a full team of Beskars, to the rest of my team being all bronze III’s), but to be fair it usually seems to try and balance it out with what opponents to matchup against too)

    It’s just frustrating when you get a game where you have a Diago ally who literally has 7 deaths and not a single point of damage 😂

  11. Pls make a video showing how you set it up on PC with a gamepad

  12. I’m not taking advice from someone that doesn’t know the difference between third and first person lmfao

  13. Saber characters are so fun, but God there dmg is way lower than you would think

  14. Switch is locked at 30 fps and most phones can run 60 fps 💀

  15. As a top 50 player I agree with that tier list

  16. I just connect a PS4 controller up to my phone. Helps a lot with the Mandalorian character. Only one I say you really need a controller for tho

  17. A guide to play it on PC would be great! I got some friends without a switch that would give it a chance if they can play on the PC

  18. I played this game on iOS with my PS5 controller

  19. I think it would be great if you made a how to win guide for each hunter, explaining what matches you should use them in and how to use them as well as you can

  20. im stunned Imara Vex is not A tier! Shes insane! and if u use that grapple at the right moments! shes a menace!

  21. I really like amara vex a lot been having fun with her even tho she’s ranked as “good”

  22. He forgot to mention, switch is only 30 fps where mobile is 60 fps

  23. Is it just me or does the game feel really clunky on switch?

  24. Imo diago is pretty easy to use, what I do whenever I’m cornered when using him is place a mine and run around in a circle or drop down to the first floor. If they go down to fight I use the grapple to immediately go back to high ground and start sniping them

  25. Your videos probably aren't a full example of your skills as a healer, but boy are they a terrible choice as you discuss healing 😂

  26. Wait, you said grozz has a lack of damage? His basic is the joint 3rd highest in the game, and almost a guaranteed hit. His skills do decent damage unlike other tanks. His ultimate can party wipe. What on earth 😂

  27. I got the backbone… so it’s awesome on mobile with the backbone 🙂

  28. I don't understand what a tank is in this game. They just seem to be offenders with above average health. And I'm surprised Rieve is the best in the game according to this player.

  29. They absolutely gutted utooni, his early access switcheroo was sooo much better (the one where long range have move speed, and arc caster gave massive DMG reduction), he was S tier back then

  30. I first played this game on my Nintendo switch around 2 days ago i was super surprised and impressed at the quality. Its a good concept not pay to win and is super fun. However I do think this game can and will get repetitive after some time dew to the low level of game modes available i do believe this will be fixed as this game was just released and therefor isn’t perfect. I Also feel the hunters could use some balancing, they are pretty balanced as of now but a few stand out as way more powerful than the rest ones that come to mind are mainly sentinel that dude is so overpowered. Overall besides these minor inconveniences I believe its a great game and i can’t wait to see the direction it goes in.

  31. I would’ve placed ZIANA on a lower tier since for beginners you will get killed a lot since she is mainly a position & aid support. Her weapon is the weakest in the game. SPROCKET is stronger on firepower but again he suffers from low health & having to position yourself while leaving yourself wide open. But I firmly agree on RIEVE, SENTINAL & SKORA as top tier. They got what it takes with every type of battle mode.

  32. Diego is disgusting… headshots and his ultimate are nasty for farming kills, and you can always bail with grapple. His mine is decent, and is great to put on objectives while you run to another one and snipe between the two

  33. Please make a guide on how to get the game running well on pc

  34. as a switch owner i actually like playing on my ipad mini & pro more. it runs & looks way better & i can use my ps5 controller & screen mirror to tv. it is unfortunate that you have to do some menu things via touch but for better performance it’s worth it. i would play on my iphone w/ my backbone one but when i tried at launch it was finicky. hopefully that gets patched cause then my phone will also run it better than switch.

  35. You can definitely use a controller on mobile and the game looks better and runs smoother than on switch

  36. Imira vex is my main because I’m bad with melee and I’m good with long twinged attacks and she’s overall just insanely strong
    Edit: I just got J3di yesterday
    Edit 2: Another tip is you can shoot a teammate as the green alien healer and it heals them without using a special move

  37. A video on how to run it well on PC please 🙂
    Also, why dont you recommend mouse and keyboard?

  38. How do I get out of tutorial mode I’ve played like 15 matches and made a new account and skipped the tutorial please help me

  39. Best way to play is on Switch and with a Pro Controller

  40. I'm a tank main in most shooter games (plus I'm a bit of an empire simp) so my boy sentinel is already my favorite to play.

  41. Turning on automatic firing on switch basically feels like aimbotting. You'll be landing way more shots.

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