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SPECIAL VEX IQ Slapshot Robot – 171 POINTS! By Ben Lipper

Ben Lipper
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Really cool new robot for VEX IQ Slapshot by Ben Lipper, driving done by Joseph Lipper.

This design is largely meant for inspiration. There are (intentionally) no step-by-step instructions for this robot – the goal is to have you create something even better out of your own creativity and ingenuity!


  1. Now you just need to add a touchdown which would have gotten an extra 21 points.

  2. HEy I’m second one too comment!!! Ben pls Like this comment!

  3. Immediate thought: driver aim is going to matter, especially with a bot that can shoot all the way to the back. Keeping out of that last goal zone adds up fast.

  4. is it possible that if you remember how to build it and if you can text me how to do it or if you have instructions cause in my school we are doing the slapshot game and i am a fan of you and robotics

  5. Sorry, I'm so forgetful, but could you remind me of the robot dimensions?

  6. What kind of launching mechanism does it use

  7. how do you get the discs to land perfectly in the tube/ammo storage? Sometimes all of my discs land sideways and makes me have to dump it all out and try again.

  8. hey ben
    this is a very nice robot but do you have any tips for making a funnel that can allow all the disks to fall flat into a holder mechanism


  10. After the match starts, how high can the robot go?

  11. What type of shooting mechanism do you use? If there's a video on it can you reply with the link please

  12. hey ben, no hate to you; i love your designs and energy, but i have a suggestion. i always see many exact copies of your robots at competitions, and sometimes it can be a bit unfair for people with no knowledge to automatically have an incredible robot. instead of sending pictures of your whole robot, i think you could just send pictures of certain standalone mechanisms. these can be the shooter, purple mechanism, and blue mechanism. this way, your pictures will be less of a reference to copy and more like an inspiration, where people need to design a robot themselves. i think this will benefit the vex community a lot and add more educational value to your videos. just a suggestion.

  13. Great design! Just lost first place to a bot that looks almost exactly like that, great mechanisms! 😄

  14. Ben you make spectacular bots. Thank you for all your work on this channel!

  15. Ben just make a video how to build that robot

  16. How did you get the disks not to jam when dumping the blue dispenser?

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