Sorry Vexoria...NO SNAKES ALLOWED! -


VIL (Vtubers I Love)
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Her reaction to this whole game is just priceless.

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Outro Music by Insomnyaah
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End Card Art by Clara Heimburger

Voice of LIV:


  1. If Cultist were there, he would've sued the hotel for discriminating his beloved snek wife/goddess

    If I were the hotel owner, I'd let them in with a discount of their choice and it's on me

  2. I like how the dares were by the actual hate and not the game.

  3. I am so happy I had zero part in this and as such am not liable to experience the inevitable revenge that Vexoria will wreak upon the rest of you.

  4. Sad hours for Vex.
    Also, I hope Vex checks out Choo Choo Charles. Made by the same person who made No Snake Hotel.

  5. Poor snek goddess mama she got defeated early by the game

  6. Note: "…The snake was as long as my arm"
    Vex: ah, that's a small one.
    If that's small, wonder what Cultists is packing. 🤔😁😉

  7. How dare they deny entry to the Great Vexoria she's going get big and eat the whole hotel in one bite

  8. my Mount Rushmore of Snek: Vex, Sara, Saa. covers the entire spectrum, from "seiso" to "seison't"

  9. This hotel doesn't allow snakes?! Fine then! Vexoria, you need to build your own hotel. Make it bigger and better than this one, preferably with blackjack and hookers.

  10. “I’m not the Devil incarnate” says the woman who sought the power of a forgotten god and ascended to godhood herself in order to get revenge on her abusive master only to immediately turn around and try to conquer and enslave her entire world and even try to get big enough to eat the literal sun in order to become truly invincible, plunging the world into an eternal dark cold where she is the only source of warmth.
    Deeeefinitely nothing devilish about an AU Apophis.
    (This is but a lighthearted joke, just in case I have to specify)

  11. 🤣👍 this is too priceless playing the game no snake hotel and her partner just comes in and adds on to it

  12. Hey Snake people have feelings too you know this is RACIST to Snake People XD

  13. No Snake Goddess allowed unexceptionable 😡😡. Lucario Aura Sphere on This No Snakes 🐍 hotel NOW. You ok Vexoria? You’re scared voice is quite pretty & I love you I wouldn’t hate you 💜💜💜💜💜💜.
    Kind Regards AuraKnight

  14. SNAKE IN THE HOTEL!!!! She is a pretty snake.

  15. Vex: I'm not the devil incarnate!
    Vex's title: The sun-eater

  16. This hotel is basically giving Vexoria middle finger due to her being snake, and we are happily laughing.

  17. This game is like biblical symbolism

  18. omg,your funny snake momma^^ and your husband too on he teased about the snek thing hahaha XD

  19. That other voice was too much for my heart.

  20. Anyone want Saa and Vex to collab? Both thicc snek vtuber playing games together would be the most heavenly experience of all and matter of fact, maybe they both can play this game🤣

  21. I loved her reaction, just amazing, also vex is a angel incarnate

  22. If Saa played this will she have the same reaction?

  23. Her screams scared me more than the snake lol

  24. Game: No Snake Hotel
    Goddess Vexoria: And I took that personally.

  25. I love how cute her scared/surprised voice is 🤭

  26. And just think about it
    this whole time
    Vex had no idea that her mother
    was lurking in the chat watching this 👀😈

  27. this is the no snakes Hotel so sorry but of you are part snake you are not allowed no exceptions

  28. No snake hotel is a nice place but the you Vexoria are the exception because I don't think you bite me and you have two great AHEM!! arguments

  29. I love how there's a sensor bar that says "seiso" when Vex goes all Tiny. XD

  30. could you boost the audio of Zolon at the end. we need a louder sound clip… for scientifiv purposes. that "thats what you get for being the Devil Incarnate" is just chefs kiss. makes me smile every time

  31. I don't know with that body of hers. 😏 😼 😏 😼

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