Some questions for Yoshi -

Some questions for Yoshi

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  1. Next time ask about male Highlander eyebrows, I NEED THEM

  2. I imagine the balance of ultimates takes them longer since abilities have changed so much. But who the fuck knows. Xenos never gives kisses to YouTube comments and I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  3. Unreal savage would be so fucking lit holy shit

  4. I can tell you why the unreal system wouldn't work for Ultimates, it all comes down to balance.
    1) People have cleared already, and it would invalidate their clear status.
    2) UWU was never meant to be super hard. It was meant to be an introduction to Ultimates, possible to blind prog and react to mechanics without a guide. It's a puzzle fight more than skill based.
    3) The fights were balanced around the potencies and abilities available at the time, power creep has made them easier, but it's much harder to tune them DOWN or WORSE, rebalance them from square 1 to level 100 stats and abilities. It would be easier to design a NEW ultimate.
    4) Unreals are only available for a short patch cycle because they're only balanced to that patch. Future patches would make them easier or harder.
    If you want the real Ultimate Experience, do it when it's new.

  5. Just stop making isync be worse each expansion. Put a stop somewhere because its gonna get to s point 4 people can clear ucob

  6. What I would like to ask, is regarding level sync in dungeons/trials, etc. Most players that get in older content during roulettes, etc, mentions how they wished they could use higher level skills. Item level sync instead of level sync could be nice

  7. I read the "UNREAL" in the thumbnail as urinals and seemed like a valid request

  8. ultimate unreal. he's bullshitting you. the hard part is the QA.
    next time you ask him. can you make ultimate unreal (beta)?
    say you'll QA it for him. make it public beta.

  9. The other stuff is probably tattoos and such. I doubt they'll apply booties because he's already said it would stretch the textures.

  10. Kinda wish they just did away with the level sync in general

    It's not fun to get into any content below cap, and have like 5 skills

  11. They can make Ultimate Unreal of course just like they can make Savage Unreal and the Trials Unreal we already have. Most likely Yoshi-P meant that Ultimates are so difficult to develop and possibly adjust that if they take UCOB and make it for level 100, there are high chances that OR you're too strong at level 100 making the fight even easier than the actual one, OR the fight will destroy you ba(l)dly.
    This means they have to think and balance a lot of things and that takes enormous time, time they don't have because they're focusing in other things and apparently for Savages is pretty easy to do (because tbh they're not that complex)

  12. Probably because Ultimates might be designed around certain class abilities being unavailable, having lower potencies, different burst windows or what not..

  13. I imagine they don't want to touch Ultimates because they are a lot harder to tune, this could require too many resources to maintain going forward.

  14. They don't need to rebalance Ultimates. It makes no sense to do so. The fight would just be the same, except it now does more damage. What is the point? If you care so much, then just MINE it (if it isn't even default)

  15. Honesty an unreal savage turn made up of 4 fan favourite fights would be fucking awesome.

  16. My guess is that it's not so much about code, but QA. These things, as simple as they look to us, require testing to know if everything is still working as intended. And Ultimates certainly require a lot more QA than savages.

  17. I like that answer. If we're not getting 3 ultimates per expac, it would be cool to get 2 ultimates, and one savage (unreal). Only started late shadowbringers, so would love to try the old savages at full power.

  18. Unreal savage would be poggers. People praise ExDeath more than we get kissies

  19. No more new races until there are hats for the hatless and beards for the beardless, please!

  20. What would making savage like unreal look like? I don't get it. You get synced at the start of the tier anyway until you get better gear and then you clear it easier with gear you obtained which is the whole point. Why make it "unreal savage"?

  21. I think it's just cuz ultimates are more strictly designed for that level and kits and for example scaling UWU to everyone being lvl 100 would probably be a nightmare to balance

  22. "Unreal Savage" to yoship probably just means an old tier tuned up to current tier levels (like an anabaseios tuned for i660), but ultimately the tuning will still be more relaxed, because it's savage, so any mistakes in tuning would be smoothed over by people being able to deal with it. People would expect tighter tuning from an ultimate unreal though, which would take more dev time to balance out.

  23. Come yoshi give the man his beards so we can have a completely bald character with a big manly beard

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