so I played Vex... Did Riot Go Too Far? | Midbeast -

so I played Vex… Did Riot Go Too Far? | Midbeast

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Champion Trailer
03:41 Funny Joke
04:30 Ability Overview
07:47 Gameplay


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  1. I mean, "hardly played Vex" should be in title

  2. to me it feels like a depressed annie more so than zoe tbh

  3. i bet dopa cried when he heard the joke, cause he realized that his rival is not only better than him at LoL but also funnier

  4. Is that him? The man, the myth, the legend, Kevin “Midbeast”? The one who’s known for being Doinb’s best friend?

  5. cant wait to face an adc who accidentaly buys galeforce

  6. Midbeast analyzing the fights in the trailer…

  7. ngl i enjoy this channel more that your other one…. i feel that i learn more here ;3

  8. Mathematician genious carried the 1 for the free bees for some extra knees – true sigmachad behavior

  9. Thanks midbeast! Now I'm banned from the local library

  10. Midbeast, you should have said, "Oi, you, if you have not subscribed to BOTH Midbeast channel, you should do it now. Nothing threatening, but better not hope for it – "

  11. I clicked subscribe now you may not speak to me about it again

  12. Its weird midbeast is so good looking I just can't picture him actually talking to the fairer sex xd

  13. Pretty sure her damage comes from proccing gloom with her Q

  14. That was the exact reaction I had
    "Well that was cringe, I'll probably play her alot"

  15. Hey Midbeast, how was checking in every 15 minutes or else getting sent to Covid Concentration Camps today?

  16. Very close to the cam "Oi" mate suddenly we all felt loved

  17. Everytime qiyana w's, vex can proc passive. When qiyana enggages with e for combo, vex will just press w and cock her with a full poke combo.

  18. whats the name of the soundtrack in the end of this video?

  19. As much as I love this channels content I’m never subbing

  20. I’m subbed to ur 2nd channel but I stiil dont know what im doing with my life sadge

  21. Is no one gonna talk about how he wasn’t subscribed to his own second channel on his main account

  22. I woke my neighbours up by laughing so hard at that joke.

  23. Champ looks clean and simple. Way better than akshan

  24. You know, maybe you should ask people WHY they are not subcribed instead of asking them to do so – like we don't know what that button does. There are REASONS we are not subscribed.

  25. the extra damage when they dash is for laning, not really late game

  26. hm idk about the structure of the video tbh, thats way too much time for the trailer compared to the gameplay

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